To the typical restaurant-goer, the mention of blockchain and cryptocurrency in particular often resides close to the world of financial transactions. However, the technologies abilities to facilitate micro-payments is the dominant for the food and beverage industry and restaurants in particular. While these applications of blockchain do impact on the restaurant business, few borders on actually benefit the customers. That is where MenuBuzz comes in with their leverage blockchain solution to have you pay for food service using cryptocurrency.

About Menu Buzz

MenuBuzz is a blockchain-based platform whose goal is to radically change the simple interface of how we transact in restaurants and bars, by introducing an order and pay system based on crypto. To accomplish this MenuBuzz will create payment ecosystem where the user can sign up, fund their crypto wallet and pay for the drink or food you would want as the usual.

MenuBuzz plans to accomplish this through their utility token MENU. The typical restaurant-goer will have to first access the prepaid MENU token before making any purchase. In short, the MENU tokens act as a blockchain-based food and drink voucher which is redeemable within the MenuBuzz platform. Additionally, the tokens will go into use as gift cards that the user can exchange or trade within the crypto platform

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What Is On Offer?

  • Foodservice Crypto Payments

Customers get to pay with Ethereum or Bitcoin, from where they are converted to dollars to pay the restaurants. The services will include food delivery, pickup options, orders and table services.

  • An Order IN Service

MenuBuzz further empowers the customers to control their experience within the food industry by allowing real-time orders through their platform in the participating restaurants.

  • Rewarding Scheme

As a way to incentives the customers, MenuBuzz provides for a rewarding every purchase that the users make using cryptocurrency.

  • Crypto Accepting

Although the restaurants working with MenuBuzz do work with fiat currency, there also do accept crypto payments at any time.

How Does the Restaurant Community Stand to Gain?

  • Convenience for both the customers and restaurants since it will eliminate the need for third-party payment platforms or systems
  • There is also the elimination of the long transaction times and exorbitant fees charged for diners
  • The payment settlements are near instantaneous with the parties not needing any knowledge in the cryptocurrency
  • The use of cryptocurrency and the MenuBuzz app allows for a self-serve technology which is secure from manipulation

Menu Buzz: Viable or Not?

There are plenty of ventures that offer similar promises such as MenuBuzz. However, this should not be a reason to downplay the venture since it does have a unique feature with its token inability to fluctuate with the markets means it is less volatile and builds on a more solid foundation. Consequently, its stability could be a source of promising return since it encourages the coin to have a real-world value. Overall, MenuBuzz has plenty of potential judging from the whole outlook of the project.

General ICO And Token Details

The Initial public sale set off as from April 7 and will end on 19 May 2018 with indication detailing the supply of 800 million tokens

  • Price- 1 MENU=0.05 USD or 20000 MENU=1 ETHs
  • Hard cap- 536 million MENU
  • Soft cap-15 million MENU tokens
  • Accepts-BTC, ETH
  • Token distribution
  • Public Sales-67%
  • Founders-10%
  • Development team and partners-12%
  • Bounties-5%

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