Menuva is a new cryptocurrency network that is designed as new payment processing platform that is promised to be completely secure with smart escrow contracts that accept a wide range of various virtual currencies.

What Is Menuva?

It’s a new payment system that starts ICO in less then a day. In only twenty hours the first stages of ICO will go into effect. And it’s said to be one of the most secure platforms there are. It’s also promising that that the system will be cheaper than any others.

Also, the company is stable and adjustable – ready to go at any time. Now, here is the thing, unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information to back up the claims they’re making. In fact, it’s a kind of empty platform. One that gives no information about who is on the platform. For people who want to invest into a great company, this could be one to watch out for.

How Menuva Secure Escrow Cryptocurrency Payment Platform Works

For the buyer, you can pay with any type of cryptocurrency. There are completely safe deals that use escrow to keep your money safe and protected. They’ve made it easy, anyone can send direct payments in a matter of seconds.

Not only that, but they are claiming to have the lowest fees possible and a dedicated rating system. The merchants who use the platform will be able to accept cryptocurrencies with ease and no withdrawal fee. Also, it’s a platform that is said to keep a stable price for their cryptocurrencies with no fraud or chargebacks. It’s also designed with the easiest to install website plugins.

The Menuva platform is unique. There is literally nothing like it anywhere online. Users of the system can send the cryptocurrency they want any way. And, they can do so without or with escrowed smart contracts. The escrow is designed to protect buyer’s money in case the merchant doesn’t ever complete the agreement. The merchant then has the ability to store the currency in crypto or fiat using there platform.

Menuva MENU Conclusion

The platform is said to be a secure payment platform, one designed to use smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Menuva offers some of the most seamless levels of operations any platform has seen according to the creators, custom payment conditions are available for users, but it’s so new that we haven’t seen any of this in effect.

As it is, Ethereum data is stored as a smart contract on the blockchain. And they use of plugins make automated payments easy for anyone. They also will accept a wide range of different currencies for payment. And as it goes, the escrow system allows for the easiest to perform transactions that can be done with only a few clicks and have little effort needed from sellers or buyers.

All of the agreements in escrow are extremely customizable for buyer needs. And even if there is a problem, they apparently have their own personal decentralized system where you can state your disputes which protects your money. Menuva claims to be completely trustworthy. Which is very possible considering they disclose who is behind the team.

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