Today our blog will review a new cryptocurrency called Mercedez Coin.

What Is Mercedez Coin?

Mercedez Coin is a new cryptocurrency which has appeared on the blockchain market recently. It offers a solution for users who are tired of banks, their high fees and administrative barriers. In this point, Mercedez Coin looks a lot like Bitcoin. You can use it to pay for goods and services online paying low fees.

Also, this cryptocurrency is faster than a traditional bank and your transactions will not take so long to process any transaction and you can use it all over the globe. No government or kind of institution controls Mercedez Coin.

How Does Mercedez Coin Cryptocurrency Token Work?

Mercedez Coin is a decentralized P2P cryptocurrency which uses both proof of stake and proof of work protocols to work. This means that you can either mine or stake Mercedez Coins to get money. This cryptocurrency also enables you to be anonymous when you are acquiring a product. While it does not completely cloak your activities, it is encrypted, so your name will not appear in the transactions.

There is the possibility that someone might discover who you are by crossing your action on the blockchain, as the blockchain is public and easy to access, but it will take a considerable amount of effort to uncover your identity.

The maximum supply of Mercedez Coins are 50 million MDC tokens and the block reward for mining is 500 MDC. Block spacing is 2 minutes. For staking, you can stake for 15 to 90 days to earn your profit.

Mercedez Coin is faster than Bitcoin (as almost any of the new cryptocurrencies are, in fact) and it offers a high level of security if you take care of your wallet. You can also download the app on your smartphone and you will be able to transfer your Mercedez Coin anywhere at any time.

The company plans to develop the Android wallet until the half of 2018 and the Windows wallet until the end of the year. During 2019 a lending program will start to be put in place.

Mercedez Coin MDC ICO Details

If Mercedez Coin interests you, can still buy its MDC tokens during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The sale will continue until March 1. You can buy the MDC tokens for 0.40 INR each. You can buy MDC tokens by using only BTC, so you will have to exchange your tokens if you only have Ethereum or any other token. Fiat currency is also not accepted.

If you do not find the time to invest in the ICO while it is still happening, you can buy the MDC tokens later on any cryptocurrency exchange which sells MDC tokens.

Mercedez Coin Verdict

Is it a good idea to buy Mercedez Coin? No. This is a very generic cryptocurrency which will probably not even exist anymore in 2020. While there are not many red flags which could indicate a scam, Mercedez Coin is simply a plain bad investment of your money. It does not do anything new at all and there are maybe hundreds of other companies which are basically offering literally the same thing.

In this case, you really do not have any motive to buy tokens from this company. We advise you against it, but in case you do buy the MDC tokens, you should sell them as soon as you can because our analysis of this company do not indicate that the price of the MDC tokens will continue to be very high for a long time.

You should really pick another cryptocurrency which is more original or just invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum if you want a cryptocurrency with basic features.

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