Mesmr: Decentralized Blockchain Media Platform Announced

Mesmr, the blockchain-based platform that powers a new, secure media ecosystem is announcing the formation of a media platform designed for content creators and their audiences-

A lack of trust in today’s new media platforms necessitated the creation of Mesmr. According to Dil-Domine Leonares, Mesmr founder and CEO the platform seeks to give everyone the power and opportunity to showcase and develop their creativity, own the rights to their personal work and data and to leverage the transparency that blockchain provides, while giving brands n evident ROI on money spent on marketing. Mesmr is building a blockchain enterprise that is focused on the consumer with the hope of bringing everyone aboard the world’s new operating system- the revolutionary blockchain technology.

The media space has been awash with calls from content creators for the need to revisit how the current media platform manages access to content and the revenue streams. The announcement comes with the introduction of a unique token based system where Mesmr is set to reward all parties participating on the platform- the creators, brands and audiences. seeks to reward all participants for their engagement in the media ecosystem by giving viewers tokens as incentive for spending time watching ads. This is based on the belief in on-demand income should a consumer opt for this feature. Additionally, the platform allows consumers the option of either keeping their data confidential or releasing it to advertisers for a fee. The aim is to creatively provide a platform that offers all the benefits of a token, while upholding the user experience the same way other content sharing platforms in the blockchain industry do.

According to Val Kantchev, Mesmr’s Chief Technology Officer, the goal of this platform is to make it user-friendly in order to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology. With focus on the user, Mesmr has come to a decision to build its own blockchain network, the soon-to-be-released mesmr blockchain

The company seeks to create a “content democracy” that will see videos succeed or fail purely on merit and not their suitability to fit into advertiser-friendly guidelines. Creators are rewarded with 80% of the advertising revenue their content generates and community members gain extra tokens when they share content that performs well.

Mesmr will be rolling out their Token Generation Event over the next few weeks. The presale is slated for June 15th with the company expecting to generate over 350 million tokens valued at USD $200,000,000. The Mesmr token (MSMR) will be run on the Ethereum network and you can learn more about the company is on their website

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