Metadium is a next-generation identity protocol that uses blockchain technology to optimally manage, use, as well as protect your personal identity. The platform provides exceptional performance, game-changing expandability, and enhanced scalability.

Why Metadium?

The current problem is that you do not know who owns, or uses your personal data. Additionally, what are the consequences of having your data being used by unknown people? At the moment, personal data happens to be:


This means that the data can easily be sold to other outside parties. These are parties that will not necessarily seek your permission to do so. In such cases, the data is mainly used for marketing and advertising purposes.


It is essential to note that centralized authorities can easily gain control over your data. This means that they will have total control over all your information.


When you do not have control over your personal information, it means that you will be very vulnerable. Hacking attempts on services often lead to some of your personal information being leaked. Such leaks have in the past been seen to lead to loss of personal data, including account numbers and social security numbers.

The Metadium Trusted Blockchain Identity Protocol Solution

Metadium proposes a solution that will see people shift to Meta ID. This is a solution that provides limitless potential and is one that will be able to benefit all the people that will be using the Metadium eco-system. This solution will have the following:

A Single Integrated ID

The platform will be easily accessible by any person who has a Meta ID. The integrated ID can be descried as inter-blockchain and off-chain platform where all the services are supported. Also, there will only be a single Meta ID in use. No multiple IDs will be allowed.

Total Control

The Meta ID guarantees that each platform user has complete control over their data and information. Data can only be provided to other parties with your full consent. Where this is not provided, the data will remain intact.


The platform will guarantee your safety, because they do everything in their power to guarantee it. Platform users will have security access. They can use this access to manage, as well as utilize their personal data. Metadium has deployed DPKI which is powered by blockchain. This will help in protecting your data from any possible leaks.

Metadium Benefits

By joining Metadium, partners will get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • They will be able to easily connect as well as interact with local and international users
  • Significantly reduce the costs associated with user-identification verification. This will also reduce the time spent on the same task.
  • Be able to comply with global identity regulations through the use of the Meta ID.

Metadium Conclusion

The Metadium roadmap is quite extensive and will see it accomplish a number of goals. By the end of the year, the team hopes it will be able to launch the open beta service demo. This will pave the way for the expansion and evolution of this service early next year.

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