MetaMask Ethereum-Browser Extension to Stop Injecting Web3, Excites Community

MetaMask Will Stop Injecting Web3 Soon: Good News for Developers and Users

MetaMask announced on Twitter on August 8, 2018, that it will stop injecting an Ethereum Provider or a Web3 instance at page load time on browsers. MetaMask is an Ethereum-based browser extension that aims to bring Ethereum to your browser. The main intention behind this decision is to enhance user’s privacy using the centralized web. The decision will start later this year on November 2.

Ethereum providers allow users to be connected to the blockchain through running a node. Nodes can interact with and view the network. The Web3 is a compilation of modules that consist of specific functionality for the Ethereum network. This is very important because all the decentralized applications running will have to ask the user to accept or not enter to the Ethereum blockchain.

If the user grants access, then, the Ethereum provider will be injected into the webpage and the dApp will start operating.

It is important to mention that MetaMask was founded in 2016 and it wants to help users to enter the decentralized web in an easy and smooth way. According to MetaMask’s blog, their intention is to stop injecting Web3 to maintain users’ privacy.

The decision has not only been taken by MetaMask, other browsers such as Status, Mist and imToken have also decided to work in this way and implement the modification. Furthermore, MetaMask informed that the decision will be having an important impact in end-users and developers.

Additionally, the company informs that they do not break interactions between enterprises and Application Program Interface. This allows them to guard the durability of existing sites.

The community is very happy about this situation that allows them to have better privacy and enhanced security.

For more information on their recent updates, check out their new tweet:

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