MetaMask Ethereum Wallet Gets Delisted From Chrome Web Store

MetaMask Has Been Delisted From Chrome Web Store

MetaMask has recently tweeted about a new problem that has happened to the company: its app has been delisted from the Chrome Web Store. Metamask, for those unaware, is a browser plugin that you can use to make Ethereum transactions via regular sites. The decentralized application (DApp) acts as a bridge between the Ethereum interface and the regular web. It is widely used in Ethereum-based games.

According to the company, the extension has been delisted from the store without any explanation from the company about why this has happened.

This tweet by @thecryptophilia is one of best explanations that has turned up online as to why the Chrome Store has removed the App. Speculation regarding the reason from the delisting believes that the app was wrongly erased as part of an effort from Google to delist mining apps.

The tweet above stated that all the other browsers were unaffected and working fine, so you can still download the software on Firefox, Opera and Brave. Also, if you already have it installed on Chrome, the company has stated that “it should work” and it is currently contacting Google to discover why the software was delisted.

Many twitter users have suggest that use the popular Brave Browser to access their accounts. Brave browser gives it's user the privacy and accessibility move freely online without being tracked by ads.

Stay tuned to see how this develops. Many users as well as MetaMaask themsevles have reached out to Google Chrome to see if they can get re-listed or at least get an explanation as to what happened.

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