Metamo wants to change the way we represent our work history, skills, and experience on our resumes/CVs. Find out how Metamo plans to do that today in our review.

What is Metamo

Metamo, found online at, is a digital platform that aims to change the concept of how we work. The Metamo tokens (MTM) are designed to be put into use for employment, changing jobs, wages, and incentives.

The platform involves the use of Metamo Cards, which are identification cards that use a non-contact IC chip and QR codes. The platform will use a smartphone app to manage this ID card system. Metamo will be distributing 100 million ID cards worldwide by September 2019. These ID cards will be used as a replacement to the traditional resume and evaluation process when searching for employment.

The second part of the Metamo system involves the Metamo Sphere, which can record any skills no matter how detailed – including performance-related skills or schoolwork. Metamo claims the system is patent-pending. However, they claim it’s a “next generation resume that projects one’s skill set and characteristics in an easy-to-understand manner.” It’s a more visual and interactive version of one’s resume.

Overall, Metamo sees its system as a replacement for the traditional resume and hiring process. Someone’s Metamo ID card and profile could be used to immediately catch someone’s attention, “much like the status of a game character.”

The platform is also closely coordinated with IoT. Metamo can use data obtained from IoT devices.

Overall, the goal of Metamo is to make it easier to verify candidates while also making it easier for “non traditional” applicants to advertise their skills. Someone might lack a professionally-formatted resume but still be the perfect candidate for the job. That’s where Metamo sees an opportunity.

How Does the Metamo Card Work?

The Metamo card looks like a driver’s license. It even says the word, “License” in the top right corner. Other data on the card includes the individual’s full name, their photo, the card’s date of expiry, the date of issue, and a QR code and license number.

The Metamo Card is free for anyone to order. To start, you need to download the Metamo app and enter your profile information. Your Metamo app has many of the same functions as your Metamo ID card.

In the future, with Metamo card v2, the company sees an opportunity for people to send and receive payments with their Metamo card. The card could be used as a combination between an ID card and a payment card:

“With Metamo Card v2 onward, paying with Metamo tokens (MTM) will create a flow where one receives wages or incentives in MTM and uses this to settle payment.”

How Does Metamo Track Employment Data?

One of the key goals of Metamo is to track legitimate employment data. Your resume might reduce 15 years of executive experience to one single line. There’s limited proof that this experience actually exists – it’s just one typed line on your resume.

Metamo aims to solve this problem. Metamo envisions a future where users aren’t evaluated on their immigration status, their race, or their properly-formatted resume. Instead, they’re evaluated on legitimate work experience.

Metamo is careful to insist that it’s not a service for a company to manage its workers. Instead, it’s a system for workers to manage themselves and track their own experience.

One feature with Metamo is the check-in and check-out function. Users can record the beginning and end of work. To do that, the user can use the Metamo app to set GPS coordinates for their office and their home. When the app notices you’re at work, it records that data. When the app notices you’re at home, it records that data.

Another feature of Metamo involves using IoT devices – or smart devices. Smart devices are wearable devices like a wristband or belt. These smart devices can track your location and record it in your Metamo profile.

How Does the Metamo Sphere Work?

All of the features above lead to the Metamo Sphere, described as “a new way to discover an unexpected self.”

Your Metamo Sphere is a new and improved resume. Obviously, resume technology has remained mostly the same over the years. We still use a piece of paper to represent all of your skills and experiences.

The Metamo Sphere, on the other hand, “gives you visual and dynamic control over various data that has been accumulated…such as work experience, personal characteristics, and fields of expertise.”

The sphere features information like your check-in and check-out times, work hours, and more. You can use the sphere to view images and playback video related to your job performance. You can display ratings from your colleagues and superiors.

The Metamo ICO

The Metamo ICO took place between August 15 and August 31, 2017. During the crowdsale, MTM tokens were sold at a rate of 1 BTC = 4600 MTM or 1 ETH = 380 MTM.

The tokens are based off Ethereum.

49% of tokens were made available to the public during the ICO. 30% were kept for Metamo platform development, and 21% were kept in a reserve fund.

Who’s Behind Metamo?

Metamo is led by co-founder and CEO Yuta Sato, co-founder and CDO Maina Sato, and co-founder and CMO Hiroki Saito. Sato is a software engineer who worked for JAXA (Japan’s version of NASA) while also being the founder and CEO of an artificial intelligence company called Quelon Inc.

The company is based in Japan, although the website also lists a location in Zug, Switzerland.

Metamo Conclusion

Metamo is an ambitious project to disrupt the entire work experience industry along with resumes/CVs and employment tracking. Metamo envisions a future where we don’t use a one-page resume to explain all of our life skills and experiences. Instead, we can use platforms like the Metamo Sphere to highlight our life’s achievements in a visual, interactive, and more effective way.

Metamo is certainly ambitious. You can learn more about Metamo today by visiting the company online at

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