In today’s cryptocurrency trading there exist two types of exchanges. The centralized and decentralized exchanges. In the former, the exchange has full control of the trader’s funds. Such exchanges are not anonymous, they are also easy to hack and they are often characterized by server downtime. The latter type of exchange does not use intermediaries. Thus, the traders have full control of their funds, he or she can trade anonymously and there is little possibility of hacks or server downtime.

However, for new traders and seasoned traders alike knowing when to buy and sell their coins as well as reading the charts on the exchanges can be overwhelming. MetaMorph is a new decentralized exchange that hopes to make this easy by the provision of charts and reports among other helpful functions.

What Is MetaMorph?

MetaMorph pro is a user-friendly coin exchange platform that can be used to change virtual coins from one cryptocurrency to another. The coin switching is referred by the name Morph hence the name MetaMorph Pro. The coins that can be switched include some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market.

The platform will ensure that users can securely backup their coins and that they can move these coins quickly and easily. The platform provides an easy way to exchange digital coins without the hassle of traditional exchanges that are sometimes difficult to use and manage for most users.

This exchange is one of its kind as it allows users to quickly exchange and store their coins in a secure wallet. Users can also easily check their portfolios using the easy to understand charts provided and backup given in real time. The platform will also introduce new debit cards to be used on the exchange.

How MetaMorph Crypto Exchange & Trading Wallet Works

Morph or atomic swap is the future in exchanging digital coins. Morph is the ability of two users to exchange virtual coins from different blockchains in a trustless manner. Each user is expected to agree to terms laid out before the transaction can take place. To sign a copy of the transaction, each of the users will use a private key.

The exchange happens instantly. It is characterized by low transaction fees because of the use of blockchain technology that eliminates the need for intermediaries such as an exchange party or an exchange service for the transfer to be complete.

The exchange uses hash time logged contracts, which means that once you send your transaction and the other person receives it, it will either, complete or refund the entire transaction in a trustless manner. This allows traders that are unknown to each other to transact anonymously while their accounts are kept safe and secure.

MetaMorph METM Token ICO Details

This will be the token that will be used on the MetaMorph coin exchange platform and it will come with its own wallet such that the user can withdraw or deposit fiat or others cryptocurrencies at the best exchange rates. METM coins holders will be eligible for various benefits and discounts when they use their wallets and tokens.

The exchange rate of the METM tokens during the just concluded pre-sale was 1ETH=10,290 METM and 1BTC=124,400 METM. The minimum expected transaction amount is 0.1 ETH, 0.01 BTC, or 10 WAVES. The platform is set to announce a new ICO sale as the former date was changed due to self-funding.

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