Metaps Business

Metaps is a data-driven mobile app monetization platform, AI data specialist, and additional FinTech service provider.

What Is Metaps?

Founded in 2007 in Japan, Metaps first cut its teeth on creating monetization software development kits (SDKs) for Android app developers. Over the subsequent years, Metaps has since evolved to also supply big data and AI-related marketing services, with an overall focus on data-driven economics.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Metaps has around 250 employees. Its current CEO is Katsuaki Sato.

Metaps Product

There are a number of corporate and consumer products and services that Metaps offers. These services include online payment processing through Spike and Paydesign, big data-backed loans from Lendia, online marketing and advertising data services, and consumer services such as Timebank and VSbias, time-sharing and real estate apps respectively.

Timebank is of particular interest, as it is a direct result of Metaps joining Japan’s Blockchain Collaborative Consortium, as the country pursues the idea of possibly issuing virtual currency.

Metaps Opportunity

The most exciting opportunity, especially for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, comes from Metaps’ Timebank service and its involvement in cryptocurrency research and development. However, it doesn’t end there – on a macro scale, businesses looking to integrate big data-driven economics into their own companies are likely to find something that will benefit them in Metaps’ suite of services.

Metaps Verdict

Metaps has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. With total capital of 9343,88 million yen (more than $8.2 billion USD), the company has both the financial backing and the technical knowledge to provide high levels of innovation going forward. Plus, with Metaps becoming involved with cryptocurrency, it’s a company to keep a very close eye on.

Any major company looking to harness big data or AI-driven economic methods into their own business could do much worse than turning to Metaps for help in this matter.

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