Metaverse and Parcelx Create Blockchain Parcel Delivery Network

New Parcel Delivery Network to Come from ParcelX and Metaverse

On May 11, 2018, both ParcelX and Metaverse announced their plans to finally follow through with their plans to develop a decentralized cross-border delivery network. The agreement dictates that the two companies will work together closely as they integrate their functions with the use of blockchain technology. Each company is making certain changes in their ecosystem and routine to incorporate the other party.

Metaverse will be the first dAPP available on the ParcelX global network. They plan to use Metaverse’s digital identity on their projects to the greatest extent possible.

However, to help with their own service offerings, Metaverse also plans to open up their platform for a customized approach with ParcelX. To ensure that all of these plans are integrated smoothly and effectively, Metaverse founder Eric Gu plans to join the advisory panel that ParcelX already has in place.

His many years in leadership and the Chinese blockchain industry will benefit the partnership in multiple ways.

parcelx metaverse

ParcelX’s network stands to gain many benefits from the inclusion of Metaverse, apart from the additional advisor. Metaverse uses an avatar to express the user’s digital identity, which is a major component that their platform is known for.

They will also contribute their on-chain enterprises and the development of freezing and transferring funds, though that part of Metaverse is not yet fully functional.

ParcelX will be using the existing investor network from Metaverse during their private token sale, giving them an audience that they have never reached before. The promotion for the ICO will be both before, during, and after the sale, ensuring that ParcelX has continued support from the network.

This strategic partnership is one of the most lucrative forms of support that ParcelX has had, which is largely due to Metaverse’s extensive history with cryptocurrency and their high-standing reputation in Chinese blockchain.

Investors can expect the same professionalism and comprehensibility that they have come to appreciate with Metaverse as they are introduced to the ParcelX token.

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