Strange New ICO Raises12 Million Dollars 4 Metronome

Strange New ICO Raises12 Million Dollars 4 Metronome

Tokens where purchased last minute by people interested in supporting Metronome. Unlike other initial coin offerings, Metronome did not reward investors tokens early. Instead, the strange new method was used to entice buyers to wait until the end of the pre-sale to pick up the tokens. Instead of selling tokens cheaper in the beginning and more expensive in the end, the company dropped the price of its coins day by day leading to the most affordable price offering near the end of their token sale.

The token auction ran nearly a week – selling 8 million of the Metronome MET Coins. Valued at 26 and a half thousand Ether in total, the new strategy, proved to work well. The final worth in United States dollars ended up being more than 12 million. With almost 1500 unique wallet addresses, each token has a value of more than three and a half thousand US dollars.

Timing was crucial to the sale, the new strategy proven to be highly effective during the recent dip in cryptocurrency prices – also showing that the market is far from finished.

Apparently, the planned method for selling their tokens went accordingly. Metronome anticipated hesitation from users to purchase a new token using their Ether. Using personal ETH with uncertainty proved especially true for investors who had lost money due to a drop and ETH prices. However, as far as the method of operations is concerned, everything went as planned.

The new pre-sale strategy will likely be adopted by other companies, who want to attract the right type of investor, also at the last minute. Metronome is smart, they understand the value of a marathon vs. a sprint – and encouraging long-term thinking, verse the excitement of quick money. Technically, the platform is already running as smooth as possible and should continue to do so from here on out.

As far as a cryptocurrency launch is concerned, the initial coin offering went as good as one could go. Metronome is now a contender for best new blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Will you invest with Metronome? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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