Michael Arrington Lauds XRP for Swiftness and Affordability

In a recently conducted interview, Michael Arrington, a partner at Arrington XRP Capital, talked about the rising tribalism in the crypto space. Still, during this interview, Arrington stated the benefits of using XRP to move money for the purposes of his hedge fund.

Arrington expressed his opposition to tribalism, calling it an insane act and backing his stance by mentioning groups such as Bitcoin Maximalists. Nonetheless, Michael acknowledged that all the tribal groups are advocating against XRP, a position he does not really understand. According to him, Ripple is a genuine form that is exceptionally good at moving money in a fast and affordable manner. Michael further added that the platform is the ideal solution for hedge funds like his.

Additionally, Arrington spoke about the advantages of XRP in money transfers, saying that he moved $50 million in two seconds at a cost of 30 cents. In this regard, Michael said that such a transaction would be impossible with both fiat currencies as well as Bitcoin. This is because XRP alternatives charge higher transaction fees and take longer times to complete the transfers.

Lastly, Arrington reiterated that he does not understand the negativity against XRP. Michael, however, clarified that neither he nor his hedge fund are affiliated to Ripple.

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