Midas Protocol Joins with Kyber Network, IDEX to Ensure Proper Universal Crypto Wallet Creation

The Midas protocol was established as a universal wallet that has been created for everyone, this is from the experts in the market to the news users. The aim of the company is to ensure it becomes the most innovative wallet that can be used for all the essential crypto needs. It is from intelligent trading, safekeeping to even proper portfolio management.

A Growing Demand for a Robust Ecosystem Around Business

In the past few years, the need to grow a strong ecosystem has been the one thing that firms have been targeting as being one of their main priorities; this is regardless to the industry that they are affiliated to.

The development of a robust ecosystem within the industries has mainly focused on the use of the blockchain technology; thus, it is not really a diversion that is taking place as all businesses are on the same route.

The ecosystem that surrounds the Midas has a concept of ensuring they are utilizing a collection of different platforms and tools, with just the single aim of helping people to trade, promote and invest a secure use of the crypto market.

What to Know About the Midas Platform?

The company has designed a wallet that is able to support multiple blockchains; it is the likes of ETH, BTC, TUSD, NEO, TOMO, NEO, USDT, TVND, MAS, ZCOIN, DIVI, several NEP5, ERC-20, TRC-20 tokens, and much more. Not forgetting the company has ensured that the wallet has been made available in both Android and the iOS.

The wallet has also gone ahead to integrate with the Kyber Network and the IDEX just to ensure that you enjoy a hustle free in-app trading all this being made possible directly on your mobile wallet.

One that has over 500 tokens and has been integrated with the Vinex Network to be used for trading through there API. It has also been incorporated with a built-in dApps browser that is able to run seamlessly with the use of a deep link and an address book to give you that extra convenience use.

The one thing that has been considered to be an essential and vital part within the Midas Infrastructure is the fact that it has been made secure and very user-friendly with a multi-coin wallet that is able to give users the ability to do a number of things, so it is something you should be looking forward to.

Some of the Tasks and Benefits you Enjoy on the Multi-Coin Wallet

– You will be able to run on all the major platforms that are available in the market.

– It has been made safe for you to store your crypto coins.

– You can safely send tokens and coins to your contacts and friends.

– The system has been designed in a manner it is able to securely connect and give you the opportunity to spend your crypto coins on any of the E-commerce platforms that have started accepting the crypto payment option.

– You are also able to directly and safely trade with the different decentralized exchanges in the market; all this has been made possible without you having to send your private keys to any of the external parties.

– You could also be able to directly and safely trade with the several centralized exchanges without having to send your API key to any of the third parties involved.

– The system has been designed in a manner it is able to notify you when a piece of important crypto news has been released to the public, or even when a crypto coin within your user portfolio substantially change, or even just when a trade gest executed. You are always well informed.

– You get rewards while on the platform together with a high-performance ROI portfolio.

– They have even gone a step ahead to ensure you are able to follow, subscribe, copy the trade strategies shared from the top traders and investors within the market.

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