Midex MDX ICO Review

More and more companies are trying to bridge the gap between the world of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and the financial market. The company that our blog is going to review today, Midex, is one of these companies.

What is Midex MDX?

Midex is a financial platform that uses blockchain technology. The company is a licensed exchange approved by Swiss bankers. The platform will have all the necessary features of a cryptocurrency exchange platform plus the regulation necessary that many online companies do not have, which makes it considerably more interesting than the other companies in the market.

The transactions will be completely secure, fast and convenient. You will also be able to monitor the market while you trade so you can be well informed about the best time to invest or to trade your cryptocurrency and achieve the most profitable returns on investment.

Midex was founded by two men who are experienced in the financial market. They are Andrew Dubinin, president of Midex; and Dmitry Machikhin, CEO of the company.

How Does Midex MDX Work?

Midex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, so it will not be completely different from the ones that you have been using so far. The company will enable its users, after they are verified, to invest and trade cryptocurrencies. It will have an open API and you will be able to use more than 10 ways to deposit money into your account.

To use this company, you will have to use valid information about you, a valid email and a cryptocurrency wallet. All the trades will be made peer-to-peer and the fees of the company are said to be low. You will also be able to connect your account to financial accounts that use fiat currency.

If you hold MDX tokens, you will be able to receive daily bonuses from commissions of the company and receive special status and privileges like using special cards to access your money.

You will also be able to use your tokens to pay for goods in the Midex shop or to pay for the access to confidential market information that the analytics center of the company provides.

How to Invest in Midex?

If this article has gotten you interested in Midex, know that you can invest in this company by buying its MDX tokens. You can buy 1 MDX token with 0.00084 ETH. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has already started, so you have to hurry if you are interested in getting the MDX tokens for the best available price.

You can also look for the bounties on the company’s site to receive bonuses. 85% of the MDX tokens will be sold in the ICO, 5% will stay with the Midex team, 5% with the advisors and 5% will be bounties for the ICO. All the remaining tokens will be destroyed.

The Midex MDX ICO Verdict

Is Midex the right choice for you? There are many exchange platforms on the market right now, so it is really hard to say for certain if this platform is perfect for you. There are just too many choices. In any case, Midex is certainly an interesting platform that deserves your attention because it is made by professionals that know the market well and have certification.

Whether you end up investing in this company or not, know that Midex is a good choice for you, but in case you do not want to use it, you can always browse our blog to discover other platforms that you can use.

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