Yesterday, Anton Rosenberg, who previously held the position of Direct of Special Projects at Telegram announced that he will be revealing a new cryptocurrency platform that aims to help blockchain startups maintain token prices after their ICOs.

According to the claims made, Mikado, a crypto derivatives trading platform, will be part of this effort, as it will be bringing solutions to firms looking to raise funds through ICOs. Unlike traditional financial markets that have several methods and individuals that help with the overall construction of the IPOs, ICO starters literally start from scratch. This prevents them from overseeing possible price drops, which is also results from the lack of understanding.

Rosenberg particularly told CoinDesk that,

“many companies who are doing ICOs are trying to get investors’ attention by big bonuses and discounts without an understanding how it will affect the price after the ICO”.

To break things down, this is how Mikado plans to stabilize token values. First, a derivative will be issued for every locked-up token (i.e. bonuses for early investors and team members). Next, the locked tokens will be shifted into a security account for which investors will receive Mikado tokens (MKT) in return.

The previously mentioned steps will take place during the ICO, however, once companies reach the end of an ICO, the locked-up tokens will be destroyed, and investors will be given their rightful tokens that match their investments.

Rosenberg seems to be pleased with the way Mikado helps startups stabilize their token prices. He even suggested that it is a “promising tool to create a “stable commodity-based economy” on the crypto market.”

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