Blockchain-Based Company MINDOL Promotes Japanese Culture

MINDOL is a new blockchain-based platform that is working to promote Japanese culture, such as its music, television shows, and movies. The platform released a white paper and interestingly enough, it indicates that Japan’s government is investing in the venture, titled a “Cool Japan” strategy. If successful, the platform will be able to showcase an industry that is already valued at 12 trillion yen, which is about $108 USD and it may also be able to generate more revenue for the industry as well.

The platform plans to not only showcase existing content, but to also produce its own. Several projects are already underway and part of a larger goal of regularly producing television programs and hosting artist content that promotes new talent and new opportunities. In an effort to attract younger audiences, the platform has developed relationships with social media influencers on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The platform reported that several famous producers have already joined its platform and Mushi production, a Japanese animation studio, has also signed on.

The platform also plans to offer a marketplace called eMINDOL to help consumers buy products, view content, and invest in projects that they are passionate about. Consumers will also have the potion to donate to their favorite up-and-coming stars so that they can succeed as well. As for stakeholders, they’ll be able to vote and participate in planning and developing new content and their level of influence will be connected to their ownership of MINDOL tokens.

Content creators view MINDOL’s blockchain as a potential method to protect earnings. The project is focusing on managing copyright so that artists receive the credit due to them. Further, content may projected form being used without the owner’s consent.

MINDSOL’s team is excited about the venture and it is looking to increase such a sentiment among its community of global fans. At this point, there is a high level of interest domestically – it has received private Japan-only sales and accordingly, raised 3.8 billion yet, about $34 billion. The funds have enabled the platform to start new projects and to stage a token sale for investors worldwide.

The current TV programming projects are scheduled to begin in October and announcements for new animation projects will be made then as well. The platform also succeeded in attracting Gil Junger, a producer of Hollywood movies and shows and who is known for producing “10 Things I Hate About You.” It looks like things are off to a good start.

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