What Is Mine Store?

This review is about the mining site which is rated as an average website for mining and is known as Minestore.io. The company claims that all the income that it is earning is from the mining of the cryptocurrencies but outside there is nothing to prove that this site is involved in actually mining the cryptocurrencies.

This company has not shared its actual location and when analyzed further it was discovered that Minestore.io has not registered itself completely. The approach for claiming 4% returns daily is not realistic and one cannot believe. According to the figure given by Minestore.io if it is giving 4% return daily then the monthly return would be around 120% which is double the return on the invested capital and extra 20% on the capital. It is not true in any case so far.

The Scammers Are Waiting For The Opportunity

The website and the script in it are so popular which pretends to mine the cryptocurrency but in reality, there are a bunch of scammers who are sitting at the back with only intention to earn the money and run away with it.

The company still claims that it was started by a company called MineStore.io Limited which has a proof that they are telling a lie as when further investigated there were no records of the company on the internet. The company has never existed and they were telling a lie so one cannot trust blindly.

Mine Store Conclusion

The real situation is that the owner of the site is planning to collect all of the money as much as possible and he can run away with it. He can give a luring scheme which one cannot resist and then the other person is fooled.

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