Mine ICO (MINE Token) Review:

Mine is new cryptocurrency that aims to disrupt the traditional monetary system by leveraging the remarkable capabilities of distributed ledger technology.

Since their inception, virtual currencies have been an incredible revelation. Their benefits are several, including expedience, inexpensiveness and above all, the ability to facilitate seamless inter-country trade. Moreover, the fact that digital currencies are not regulated by the often stringent bureaucracies makes them advantageous over fiat money. Undoubtedly, an economy that entirely uses cryptocurrencies would be an investor’s haven, a goal that mine intends to actualize.

Nonetheless, digital currencies are only acceptable by select businesses as of the moment. The primary reason for this is the ongoing exchange of digital currencies into fiat money and vice versa. Fundamentally, these virtual coins are mainly used as speculative tools, and in some cases, as a subtle means of evading tax payment. Hence, the realization of an economy where cryptocurrencies are the principal means of trading is inhibited by these factors.

Besides the above-mentioned causes, there are additional factors that are preventing the adoption of digital money. For instance, some individuals despise cryptocurrencies due to their extremely volatile market value. On the other hand, others perceive cryptocurrencies as financial assets, such as shares and stocks, mainly because they are intangible and do not circulate. Presently, virtual coins are massively underappreciated, despite their circulation and the resultant upsurge in intrinsic and market values.

What Is mine And How Does It Work?

mine intends to change this trends by implementing a mechanism that will simplify the sue of cryptocurrencies to make payments. The mechanism will make cryptocurrencies more accessible, and the coin’s value will appreciate every time it is used, attracting more user in the process. Basically, the appreciation of a coin’s value will be directly proportional to its usage, which is the basis under which this mechanism functions.

minecoin homepage

mine Economic Zone

This is an ecosystem that implements the mechanism as mentioned earlier to facilitate the mass adoption of digital currencies. It comprises of:

  • Mining Farm: This is the physical facility used to mine digital currencies, particularly Ethereum. It will feature a combination of the latest GPU and ASIC devices to streamline the mining process.
  • mine Debit Card: Using the mine Visa debit card, users can purchase goods and service using their cryptocurrencies. This card has the capability of supporting multiple currencies, with the user having the choice of setting up the default currency.
  • mine Wallet: The mine wallet supports several cryptocurrencies besides mine, including XMR, ADA, BTC, XRP, and ETH. Owners of mine wallets are automatically eligible to a daily stipend.
  • Mining Of Things (MoT): Like the Internet of Things, MoT intends to coalesce all commodities that are related to mining.

Token Sale

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token name: mine
  • Token symbol: mine
  • Total supply: 250,000,000,000
  • Token price: 1 mine=$0.001
  • Hard cap: $250 million
  • Protocol: ERC20

Distribution Of Funds

The proceeds from the ICO will be distributed as follows:

  • 10% will go towards marketing
  • 5% will fund wallet development
  • 5% will go to banking operations
  • 3% will facilitate the improvement of mining software
  • 35 will go to personnel costs
  • 2% will fund the listing of mine on crypto exchanges
  • 2% will be allocated to legal expenses


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