Mineority Cloud Mining

What Is Mineority Cloud Mining?

Mineority is a revolutionary cloud-mining platform developed by Mineority, OhGodACompany, AlpineMining, StayFirst, and Dynamic Intelligent Support. Mineority boast of being a platform for miners, made by miners, which enables miners define the rules of mining operations.

The platform seeks to create a worldwide-tokenized platform of datacenters that offer cloud-mining services for cryptocurrencies and High Performance Computing. The platform also aims at optimizing hardware and economies of scale and decentralizing mining by allowing miners (both large scale and small scale miners) to own the mining hardware.

How Mineority User-Owned Crypto Mining Hardware Works

The mining operation begins with miners selecting their preferred model and hosting package. A hosting package is functional for a maximum of three years. They will then receive an ERC-721 token that contains the specifications, characteristics and an ASIC ID. The miner can then choose a coin and store it in their wallet.

Each GPU within the platform has access to OhGodACompany optimization suite. The suite contains custom miners, custom kernels, and custom VBIOSes that ensures that the hardware on the platform performs better than any cloud-mining platform in the market. In future, there will be an option that lets miners access the suite using their own hardware without necessarily having to purchase the cloud mining services of the platform.

Once the period of the hosting package expires, the hardware is packed and shipped to the miners address. However, the miner can choose to resell the hardware on the Mineority platform.

Miners can participate in the development of the platform by optimizing it and putting up their cards for auction. They can also trade their memory revisions with other miners, attach their own mining hardware, or even develop their own software packages.

In some cases, users may prefer to keep their mining operations local. Through the Mineority platform, they can acquire the best possible deals in the market such as purchasing of the cloud mining hardware at affordable prices directly using the platform’s cryptocurrency and have it shipped to their location.

Mineority Cloud Mining Advantages


The cloud-mining platform does not have any hidden charges such as maintenance fees. It also does not have any hidden gimmicks or tricks that may negatively affect the mining operation or the miner’s profit.


Miners receive a unique ASIC ID during the mining operation, which results in their GPU being unique.

Income Generation:

After the hosting package period is over miners can choose to either receive a shipment of their hardware or resell the hardware on the Mineority platform and make money. Miners can also generate income by improving the platform and trading or renting out their cards for a certain amount of money.


For miners who would like to perform their mining operation locally they can purchase the hardware using cryptocurrency and the platform will handle the whole process on behalf of the miner from the manufacturing to the delivery.

Power Consumption:

The cloud-mining hardware consumes less power during an operation compare to other mining hardware. This reduces the operating expenses that the miners incur which ultimately increase the Return on Investment.

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