What Is Miner-Daily?

Miner Daily has been designed as a cloud mining website one that they claim will make your mining journey a success. Why we say they claim is because the platform is still too young in the market to be in a position to make such promises. The company also claims they have implemented a cutting-edge operation that is crowd funded and also managed by a team of experts who work on behalf of the community in Miner Daily.

Miner-Daily Trusted Bitcoin Cloud Mining Features

The Miner Daily is a company that is based in the United Kingdom and has been officially registered there. They have been able to develop a user-friendly interface but the one thing we are skeptical about is the said team of experts behind the company. To ensure what they promise actually come to life they need to ensure they have experts who have gained the required knowledge and skills over the years, which we feel is not the case.

The company claims to have the customer’s interests at the top of their mind, but we would only be certain of this if they have ensured to have the right system and team in place. As these are the factors that lead to success in this volatile market. The company continues to claim they provide a return of 3.6% on a daily profit rate to its esteemed customers.

The platform also claims on having several features put in place. This is from offering instant payments, and AntiDDOS protection, they have gotten a dedicated server and even an EV SSL Certificate. All the features that we look for in a platform before investing, but are all these features put in place, is the big question.

Miner-Daily Conclusion

We advise on staying clear of this platform, but if you feel you have the risk appetite, then we recommend on investing cautiously.

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