Miner Edge

What Is Miner Edge?

Miner Edge intends to be the world’s largest crowdfunded diverse mining company. At the moment, the company is looking for funding to set up its mining operation. The company will use green technology and a low cost structure to create a rentable facility that be able to distribute profit to the MET token holders that will help to fund the company.

75% of the money will go to the token holders while 25% will be invested to make the company grow always more and more. This way, it will be able to continue to create a profitable operation at the same time that it rewards the investors that helped the community to become a reality.

How Will Miner Edge Cryptocurrency Techno Mining Work?

The electricity used by Miner Edge to mine tokens will come from a region in Canada that has a great abundance of green energy made by water resources. This means that the power of the company will be 100% renewable and will have a low cost. The company is also partner of many major mining hardware companies that provide it with cheaper but quality equipment.

The company will also have a diverse portfolio that will ensure that there is always backup if the price of a certain token goes down. Miner Edge will mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Monero. Miner Edge also is located in a very stable region and receives tax discounts because its headquarters are in Belarus, which does not charges taxes for cryptocurrencies.

Miner Edge will have both hot and cold storage of tokens to ensure that the coins will be safe when they are stored but that they can always be easily accessible for people. The company also uses a ceaseless mining unit to be ready for any power shortage that might happen and continue to profit all the time.

Miner Edge MET Token ICO Details

The company is selling MET tokens. You will be able to buy the tokens for $0.60 USD each on the private sale during June 1 to 30. The pre-sale will occur between August 1 to 10 and each token will cost $0.70 USD.

The main ICO, which will have three different phases (August 14 to 23, August 28 to September 6, September 11 to 20) will have a price of $0.80 USD to 0.95 USD per each MET token that will be sold.

You can sell the tokens for profit after the sale, but you really should not. Holders of the MET tokens will start to receive the profits from the company via smart contracts. 75% will go to them and 25% to the new mining equipment.

Who Is Behind Miner Edge?

Unlike many mining operations, the Miner Edge’s team actually has a public face, which is something that makes this company considerably more trustworthy than many of the companies that promises profit by mining that you can find online.

The two founders of Miner Edge are Rakesh Handa and Philip Ikechi Ejiofor. Other key members of the company Sandip Rathod (sales and marketing), Anukush Kumar Sharma (BFSI), Emmanuel Onwuegbuzie (financial advisor), Vipin Kumar (business analyst), Imran Qureshi (digital marketing) and Ajay Hada (crypto developer).

Miner Edge Conclusion

This looks like a great mining company. Not many mining companies are so open about their business and a lot do not even show the faces of their creators (mostly because they are, in fact, scams). As far as we are concerned, Miner Edge can be a really good choice for you.

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