Cryptocurrencies are taking over the internet; these are virtual or digital currencies that are able to make use of the encryption of securities. They have been designed in a decentralized nature, thus, make it possible for different individuals around the world to use them for payments that are not traceable by the government. As a result, crypto mining has gained significant popularity over the past few years.

It has led to various website owners using cryptocurrency mining scripts, so they are using your CPU power to earn some profits. As a result of this, it has led several developers to design methods that can block crypto mining while you are on the web browser. The application we are looking at is MinerBlock.

What Is MinerBlock?

MinerBlock has been designed as a very efficient web browser extension that mainly focuses on blocking web-based crypto mining that takes place all over the web. The extension uses two main approaches to block the mining efficiently. The first approach is based on preventing scripts and requests that are loaded from a backlist. It is the traditional approach that has been adopted by most of the advert blockers and also mining blockers you could find in the market.

The second approach that MinerBlock has adopted that's making it more efficient than other extensions is efficiently detecting potential mining that might be taking place. It detects this inside the loaded scripts and kills it immediately before it is able to mine any coins.

As a result, with all these in place, it enables the extension to block the inline scripts as well as any miners that might be mining through proxies.

MinerBlock Crypto Miner Blocker Conclusion

People are out there to make a few coins with any new investment that presents itself in the market since cryptocurrencies are the new hot thing it has most developers fixated on it. But you should not be a culprit of another developer making a few coins at your expense, so get the extension and protect your CPU from any potential mining that might already be taking place.

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