Minerva is an interface that has been built on the Etheruem Blockchain and its main aim is to help address mainstream cryptocurrency issues as well as provide partnered businesses with incentive payment solutions. Its primary token is Minerva OWL and ERC20 tokens. The company’s main aim is to provide highly efficient trading strategies to all their members to enable them to get good returns from their investments.

How Minerva Is Different From Bitcoin

This is a very common question that many people ask. Many people want to know if Minerva is different from Bitcoin, and if so, how? The main difference between Bitcoin and Minerva is that Minerva is actually designed to reward platforms that accept the token that it has designed (OWL tokens) with reversed transaction fees. In addition to that, Minerva also addresses common challenges of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. In addition to being one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms, Minerva also takes pride for being the first reverse merchant processor in the world. Minerva is the interface, while the OWL token is its currency.

Where Proceeds Generated From Token Crowdsale Will Go

The proceeds generated from the crowdsale are divided in multiple fractions. 75% of the proceeds will be distributed to crowd sale participants. 10% of the remainder will be distributed to the founding members and advisors. 10% of the remainder will be reserved for other long term operational costs as well as new advancements that the company is planning to undertake in the future.

2.5% of the remainder will be reserved and will be distributed later when the company forms new partnerships in the aim of signing bonuses. The final 2.5% will be reserved and will be used by the company for their diligent bug bounty program. This means that the crypto assets that are transferred in exchange for OWL tokens will actually be revenue that the company will use.

Why Choose Minerva?

It Is The World’s First Reverse Merchant Processor

Minerva is actually the world’s first reserve merchant processer. What makes this company stand out is the fact that it pays transaction fees to various businesses without charging them even a single cent. The company does this because it wants to address the long term cryptocurrency problems that have halted the progress of this industry for a long period of time. In addition to that, it also plans to introduce commerce disruptive incentivized payment to help accelerate the adoption of smart contracts and cryptocurrency.

Stability Guaranteed

One thing that many people are usually concerned with is whether the platform that they are joining is stable enough. Minerva is an interface that has been created from the Etheruem Blockchain that is highly efficient, secure, and reliable. The company has also put concrete measures in place to ensure that the stability of the platform is guaranteed. Minerva is a very strong platform that is here to stay. You can be sure that all your investments will be in safe hands.

Minerva Final Words

Minerva has gone against all odds to create a reliable platform on the Etheruem Blockchain that addresses issues associated with mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. It also provides incentivized payment solutions to businesses that it has partnered with.

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  1. Maybe I’m missing something, but all I see is talk about Minerva paying other people. At what point do people pay Minerva, thus making this a viable business model? Where does the revenue come from?

    • Hey Jonathan, I’m Paul Petratos from Minerva. Sorry for the late response, I just found your comment. The way Minerva plans to remain profitable is by taxing a percentage of the reverse transaction fee. Each time a sale is made using OWL, Minerva receives a portion of the bonuses. Right now we have one immediate use case which will integrate with Minerva once we go live. After we bring on several other merchants and businesses in accepting OWL, we will move to partner with merchant processors. Our team has a long history in this industry and if anyone can make it happen it’s us.


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