Minerworld is a Brazilian multilevel marketing company that claims to have some type of cryptocurrency mining operation. Find out how the company claims to make you rich today in our Minerworld review.

What Is Minerworld?

Minerworld is a Portuguese-language website that describes itself as a “digital revolution.” The website claims to offer some type of cryptocurrency mining services. You pay money to sign up for the company, then earn money through cryptocurrency mining.

That sounds great! Unfortunately, however, Minerworld doesn’t appear to have a mining pool (at least, no mining pool we could find). Instead, it seems to be some type of multilevel marketing company catered towards the Brazilian market.

Meanwhile, Brazilian news websites have called Minerworld a Ponzi scheme, and other reports online claim the company is a complete scam.

The official Minerworld.br website claims that the company is active in 50+ countries worldwide. It also claims to have a network of 70,000 miners.

Minerworld isn’t actually based in Brazil: it’s based in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, although it does claim to maintain offices in Brazil and other countries. The mining operations, meanwhile, are purportedly based in China.

By 2020, according to the Minerworld.br website, the company hopes to be one of the world’s largest digital currency companies.

Who’s Behind Minerworld?

Minerworld is led by Cicero Saad (President), who has a background in advertising and tax law. The only other listed member of the company is Jonhnes Carvalho (Marketing Director), who seems to have a background in marketing and advertising.

Aside from this basic information, we can’t find much info online about Minerworld or the people running the company. The company vaguely mentions offices in Paraguay, Brazil, and China.

Minerworld Products And Services

We can’t find any products or services offered by the company. The company’s official website has both a “Products” page and a “Services” page. However, neither page lists any specific information about any exact products or services – they’re both just general information pages about cryptocurrencies and MLM companies. The pages vaguely mention “mining”, for example, without listing specific details about Minerworld’s mining operation.

Ultimately, the only “product” seems to be a Minerworld membership. The website has a signup page where you can create an account. You pay a fee to create an account. Then, the only way to recapture your initial investment is to recruit other people into the company.

It’s unclear if there are any actual mining operations maintained by the company. Typically, a mining company will give some information about its operations -like its hashrate, or the general location of its mining centers. Minerworld gives us nothing to suggest its mining operations are legitimate.

Minerworld Pricing

Minerworld has a number of different plans available, ranging from $15 to $10,000. You can sign up as a Brazilian individual, a Brazilian company, or as an international user. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • Partner: $15 USD
  • Partner + Entry: $30
  • Partner + Starter: $155
  • Partner + Basic: $310
  • Partner + Professional: $620
  • Partner + Enterprise: $1250
  • Partner + Ultimate: $2500
  • Partner + Prime: $5,000
  • Partner + Investor: $10,000

It’s unclear how these memberships differ from one another. There’s no information listed on the signup page – so it’s unclear why someone would sign up for the $10,000 plan instead of the $15 plan. However, with other multilevel marketing companies, the more you spend, the more earning opportunities you have.

Minerworld Conclusion

Minerworld is a multilevel marketing company catered towards the Brazilian market. The company claims to have some type of mining operation in place. However, we can’t find any information about the company’s products or services, nor can we find any evidence of its mining pool.

Instead, the company seems mostly focused on encouraging users to sign up. You’ll need to pay a fee to join the company – ranging from $15 to $10,000. It’s unclear how these plans are different, or why you should pay any money to join the company.

Ultimately, there’s very little information about Minerworld available online at the official website or online through other sources. It’s unclear if Minerworld is a scam, a legitimate multilevel marketing company, or a good investment opportunity. However, even if Minerworld is a legitimate MLM, the vast majority of users (typically, over 98%) will lose money through any MLM.

We believe, however, that Minerworld is a scam. Brazilian websites like TenhoDividas.com have labeled the website as a Ponzi scheme – and they know more about the Brazilian cryptocurrency market than we do.

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  1. Minerworld has a perfect plan, I’ts real. There is many people that don´t like MLM and only disrespect companies like minerworld.
    Your information are equivocate.

  2. I joined MinerWorld a bit more than 5 months ago. I first invested on the Enterprise account $1250, then fewer smaller accounts. After 3 months I opened another account Prime $5,000. Obviously the reason why I did invest more is because the company does what it says! It doesn’t take more than months for you to have the return of your investment back in first place.

    Secondly if you are smart you can double or triple your investments by buying and selling your Bitcoins after you withdraw them from Miner Backoffice, at the right time by following everyday and waiting for the exchange rates to go up or down.

    Also this review says they don’t have product? Well they do, one of them is called Bitofertas which is a Virtual Wallet and exchange house, just like many virtual wallets on the Internet but better because you can actually register your bank account and transfer your Bitcoins to your Brazilian Bank account in Reais (Brazilian currency) at very low rates. This Wallet does not work outside of Brazil, however, from Miner Backoffice you can register ANY Virtual wallet available on Internet to withdraw the daily production into Btcs to any wallet.

    Miner is also launching their own coin Mcash and for those developing their MMN all the bonus from direct indication and etc will be paid into Mcash which can be used to buy other digital coins.

    All the plans are very clear and there are weekly meeting in many cities in Brazil but they do lack on English material because their main MKT is Brazil. I suggest people to contact Brazilian people who are into the business and can communicate well in English or get in touch directly with the company, I am sure they will have people who can clear any doubts from anyone.

    Internet and media is not always so useful when the information given is not accurate, researched properly and only based on speculations!


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