What Is Minery?

Minery is a platform that offers mining solutions to cryptocurrency miners. Its service package includes procurement, installation, and setting up of the mining hardware, optimization of the working conditions for the hardware and provision of timely repairs incase the hardware breaks down. It also provides mining hardware hosting for its token holders and renters.

One of the main objectives of Minery is to improve the mining infrastructure through saturating the market with client-oriented services. This will be achieved by increasing the range of cryptocurrencies available, on spot hardware sales, integration of cryptocurrency exchanges and legal support for the clients.

What it seeks to achieve

Minery aims to create mining facilities that will not harm the environment by building mining compound near hydroelectric power plants, which are eco-friendly, efficient and cheap at the same time. This results in the platform being able to offer convenient and profitable terms for cryptocurrency mining. It allows mining of the most popular coins such as BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, DASH, ZEC, and XMR. Other currencies can be added upon a user’s request.

Minery (MNRY Token) ICO

In order to receive the aforementioned services, one has to purchase the Minery tokens known as the MNRY, which is a standard ERC20 Ethereum token. For every MNRY token, an investor will receive one watt of Minery power capacity with their hardware and be able to utilize the Minery mining facilities rent-free for the next 30 years. Token holders will also be allowed to rent out their tokens and receive 45% annually. During the pre-sale of the token, a 20% bonus will be issued to the token purchasers.

Benefits of Mining Through Minery

On-site hardware repairs:

As the service center is located at the same place with the hardware, any malfunctions that the hardware might face will be repaired immediately. This reduces the downtime faced by the hardware and thus avoiding reduction in the profits. Also due the on-site service repairs, logistics expenses are reduced and this results to the repair services being offered at a fair price. The specialists on site are highly experienced, which is a guarantee that the repairs done will be of high quality and within the shortest time possible.


Minery is transparent in its operations. This is attributed to the fact that it has a dashboard that shows the mining results, the profits that a miner has accumulated, the total deposits and withdrawals that have been undertaken, fees charges and any other services that the platform offers. The data can be audited at any time.

Personal approach:

Upon a client’s request, the hardware procurement, hosting, repairs, and technical support can be tailored to suit their personal preferences.

Variety of currencies can be mined:

Apart from the bitcoin, the Minery compound allows its clients to mine a variety of other cryptocurrencies such as ETC, LTC, DASH, ZEC, and XMR

Eco-friendly mining solutions:

The project is reliant on hydroelectric power sources which is a renewable source of energy thus does not present any harm to environment. The use of renewable energy sources also results in the minimization of power delivery expenses.

Lower fees:

Miners do not have to pay mining fees. They only pay for the service and electricity charges, which means that they keep all of their mined coins.

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