MinexSystems Announces MinexPay Crypto Debit Card on the Blockchain

MinexPay Announces MinexPay Debit Card

MinexPay, a financial company from Ukraine that offers blockchains solutions, has recently announced the release of a new product, the MinexPay Debit Card, which is already ready for pre-orders on the company’s site.

A normal complaint for many people is that cryptos are hard to use and that they do not offer many chances for you to use them as you would do with cash. Because of this, a high number of people is not yet part of the crypto revolution at this time.

Payment cards are a more convenient way for you to use cryptocurrencies on your life because they can be used just like any normal debit card and this means that they can bridge the distance and really transform the cryptos in “real money”.

The MinexPay Debit Card Features

The new MinexPay Debit Card will allow for fast transactions that can be made anywhere, online or offline, by the cardholders. This new card is supported by VISA and it is supported in more than 200 countries, making it a really borderless card. It is very easy to use, which can uncomplicate cryptocurrencies.

The funds are available 24/7 and your balance is always displayed in real time whenever you use this app. The service fees that you have to pay for this service are also very low, which go from 0% to 1%.

The MinexPay Debit Card Options

You can purchase four different types of cards: Standard, Gold, Platinum and Infinite. All of them have 0% replenishment fees for MNX tokens.

Standard MinexPay Debit Card (price: 2 MNX, no required balance) ATM fees: 2% for MNX, 4% for other tokens, 80% overdraft limit and $200 USD withdrawal limit daily, 2,000 USD monthly.

Gold MinexPay Debit Card (price: 5 MNX, balance of 50 MNX) ATM fees: 1% for MNX, 2% for other tokens, 90% overdraft limit and $1,000 USD withdrawal limit daily, 5,000 USD monthly.

Platinum MinexPay Debit Card (price: 10 MNX, balance of 200 MNX) ATM fees: 0.5% for MNX, 2% for other tokens, 95% overdraft limit and $5,000 USD withdrawal limit daily, 10,000 USD monthly. 0.5% cashback feature.

Infinite MinexPay Debit Card (price: 2 MNX, no required balance) ATM fees: 0% for MNX, 1% for other tokens, 98% overdraft limit and $20,000 USD withdrawal limit daily, 600,000 USD monthly. 1% cashback feature.

The MinexPay Debit Card Verdict

This is a new option of debit card for you if you want to use cryptos in an easier way. Cryptocurrency does not have to be complicated, right? If you are interested, it can certainly be a great idea to pre-order your MinexPay Debit Card.

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  1. There nowhere write when cards will be available for use? Is this 1st website without FAQ section? When we can see details about your product? Card website is empty. BTW

    MNX price decrease from $70 to $3.5 is this low volatility?

    BTW they are not from Ukraine then Hong Kong (off-shore country and company)


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