Mingo ICO

With the motto of “making communication simple”, Mingo is a new instant messaging app with cryptocurrency features. It is available both for Android and iOS. Ming will act both as a messenger and as a cryptocurrency wallet that you can use to store the tokens of the company and pay for goods and services anywhere.

The team which created Mingo is composed by Fran Rooney (chairman), Deirdre Arthur (president), Joe Arthur (CEO), Ken Anderson (CTO and chief developer).

How Does Mingo Work?

Mingo’s main feature is the messenger part of the app. What differentiates Mingo from the other companies is that not only it has its own messenger platform, but it can be used as a way to centralize all your other messenger platforms in a single app. You can use WeChat, Telegram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Steam, Facebook, Discord, Slack and IRC Cloud on the MingoChat, enabling you to chat with whoever you want in a single app.

The chat has a simple user interface and it is fully compatible with the most popular chats of the moment (except Skype, but Skype is not so popular these days). There is even the potential that more chat services are integrated in the near future.

Mingo is a partner with a company called Swirlds. The company uses the Hashgraph technology, which is a very fast blockchain like technology and Mingo is one of the first companies to use it.

Many features of Mingo are scheduled to be launched during 2018, like the Mingo Live Chat, Telegram and Whatsapp connectors and the Mingo Wallet.

What is Mingo Coin?

Mingo Coin is a ERC20 Ethereum-based token which will be used as currency in the Mingo platform. You will be able to use it in the Mingo Merchant Platform, a part of the app in which you can goods using only this cryptocurrency. The marketplace will only have authenticated merchants, so you can always be sure that you are buying products that have quality and will not be scammed in any way.

You can store your Mingo Coins in the Mingo Wallet, a part of the app that will transform your smartphone into a cryptocurrency wallet. This option can be more attractive to people who do not use cryptocurrency in general but want to use the Mingo app.

You can buy Mingo Coin in the Initial Token Offering (ITO). It will begin soon and you will have discounts that will range from 30-40% during the pre ITO if you if you contribute with 1 ETH or more (for the biggest discount, you have to spend 120 ETH, so you might want to start a pool for that). The tokens will not be mineable, so you have to buy them to use them.

Another way to get tokens is by watching ads on the Mingo platform.

The Mingo ICO Verdict

Mingo is a software which can be extremely useful for people who love to chat. It can be a pain to organize your apps, so Mingo seems like the best shot for these users. It does not look like it has a very strong cryptocurrency, though, but the app is certainly interesting enough on its own.

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