MiniApps is a chatbot platform for businesses. It lets anyone launch a chatbot in minutes. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is MiniApps?

MiniApps, found online at, is a chatbot platform currently going through a token sale. The goal of the platform is to make it easier to create a cross-platform bot within minutes.

A “cross-platform bot” is a chatbot that works across multiple messengers simultaneously. With MiniApps, you can design a bot that supports Telegram, Viber, Facebook, Skype, and VKontakte in minutes, for example. The platform relies on the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Once you create a chatbot on the MiniApps platform, it works on all of the messengers mentioned above.

Today, a growing number of businesses are using chatbots to handle customer service requests. Chatbots can be used to provide convenient service to customers while providing the same information they would get from a customer service website or tech support site.

MiniApps is launching a token sale because the platform is built on blockchain technology and an AI ecosystem.

MiniApps Features and Benefits

MiniApps emphasizes all of the following features and benefits:

Easy to Use: Creating a chatbot can be done with or without programming knowledge. You don’t need advanced computer skills to create a chatbot with MiniApps.

Feature Rich: MiniApps is growing, and the developers are constantly adding new features for business users.

First Class Support: MiniApps provides enterprise-ready performance, with various levels of technical support and performance available under heavy loads.

Supports Multiple Messengers: Create a chatbot that instantly works on Telegram, VK, Viber, Facebook, and Skype.

WYSIWYG Builder: Create content without any encoding using the MiniApps visual editor. It’s a visual editor that lets you build the structure of the bot just by typing your text content. The code will generate automatically.

Built-in Plugins: MiniApps has plugins for things like phone number verification, payment platforms, natural language processing, and more.

Media Content: Media content like audio files, pictures, and documents can be added to the chatbot.

Google Analytics Integration: MiniApps integrates with Google Analytics. That means you can view Google Analytics-style data for your chatbot, including your audience’s demographics, language, and location, among other things.

Natural Language Processing: MiniApps integrates with API.AI to provide natural language processing – which is the ability for a chatbot to recognize how people really speak as opposed to how we formally speak. MiniApps’s natural language processing includes voice recognition, text to speech, and natural language understanding. You can easily add conversational AI in a predefined MiniApps bot with a menu.

One API: After creating the bot, it works everywhere. There’s one API across all platforms – so companies can reduce development and maintenance costs.

User Verification: MiniApps has a user verification system in place. You can verify users by phone number, SMS, or phone call. User verification can be requested at any step of the user’s activity with the chatbot. To add this module to your chatbot, just drag and drop using the visual builder.

In-bot Payments: MiniApps uses tiPay as a complete in-bot payment system. tiPay allows you to make your bot the sole source of revenue.

How Does MiniApps Work?

MiniApps is a visual editor and set of plugins that make it easy to create your own chatbot.

In fact, if you don’t want to use their visual editor, they can even make a chatbot for you. They can design, deploy, develop, and support your chatbot at every step of the way.

Meanwhile, those who do want to create their own chatbots will find an easy-to-use visual editor. You can build a chatbot just by typing in content. There’s no need for any programming knowledge. MiniApps will turn your content into programming commands. It’s that easy.

The end result is that anybody – even amateur users – can create their own chatbots complete with payment technology, analytics monitoring, natural language processing, and other modern features.

The entire platform is built on AI and blockchain-powered technology. The AI gets smarter over time, while the chatbots are constructed on blockchain infrastructure.

MiniApps Pricing

MiniApps has three subscription plans available, including all of the following:

Basic: $0 Per Month

  • Unlimited chatbots and interactions
  • Access to the visual editor
  • All channels

Developer: $5 Per Month

  • Everything in Basic
  • Google Analytics
  • Proprietary Plugins
  • Support (Within 2 Business Days)

Pro: $29 Per Month

  • Everything in Developer
  • All Integrations
  • All Proprietary Plugins
  • Support (Within 1 Business Day)

The MiniApps Token Sale

MiniApps has launched a token sale.

The ICO began on October 18, 2017 at 00:00 GMT and is scheduled to last until December 19, 2017.

There will be a hard cap of 100,000 ETH for the MAT token sale, and a soft cap of 5 million USD. A total supply of 20 million MAT tokens will be available. 15% of tokens are reserved for the MiniApps team. 35% are reserved for partners, advisors, bounties, hackathons, community grants, and the MiniApps reserve fund.

MAT Tokens are ERC223 compatible Ethereum based tokens. Token holders are granted the status of “Partner” for as long as they hold 1 MAT token in their wallet. Partner status grants them the ability to register 10 mini-apps in the MiniApps search system, register two templates in the MiniApps template shop, and participate in the referral program.

Who’s Behind MiniApps?

MiniApps is led by co-founder Vitaly Gumirov. Vitaly has 25+ years of experience in the IT industry and has founded several businesses, including his company Eyeline Communications, which became a leading vendor of SMS/USSD centers in Russia.

Other key members of the team include co-founders Yuri Peshkichev and Peter Matyukov. The main developers appear to be based in the Novosibirsk Region of Russia.

MiniApps Conclusion

MiniApps is a visual editor for chatbots. Using MiniApps, anyone – even someone with no programming knowledge whatsoever – can build their own chatbot. The platform is catered towards businesses who have heard of the benefits of chatbots, but may not have the resources to build their own. The MiniApps visual editor comes with plugins that allow chatbots to accept payments, verify identity, and conduct other tasks.

To learn more about MiniApps, visit the platform online today at

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