What Is Miniera?

Miniera is the first crypto mining operation with a historical tie to real-time mining operations and mines from the past.  The cryptocurrency mining venture sets its headquarters in the Mine Maurist State within the Netherlands, which is famous for coal mining across the south of Netherlands and Europe. The crowd-funded operation will work to provide users with long-term mining options that are secure and innovative to ensure a profitable return in the turbulent crypto markets.

How Miniera Crowdfunded Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs Work

The Miniera Cryptomining venture will work to ensure the provision of cutting-edge, mining operations built and managed by experts and professionals on behalf of the platform's community. Miniera investors will contribute to the establishment of mining rigs from where the output undergoes a transparent and equitable share distribution under smart contracts. Each Miniera Mining Coin holder has access to the mining rigs from where they can use it to mine any cryptocurrency they would want.

Miniera Features

  • Monthly payout- Miniera will allow for the users to have monthly cash-outs of their mined cryptocurrencies
  • Various mining possibilities regarding the range of coins available for mining
  • Use of low-cost electricity-Miniera will incorporate cheap and energy saving alternative for their mining operations

Miniera Benefits

  • No need for crypto mining expertise- Miniera provides several mining packages that will accommodate experienced and beginner miners looking for mining opportunities
  • Energy efficient operation- with the eco-friendly measures in place for their mining operations, Miniera hopes to achieve a 40% energy efficiency rate
  • Cheap electricity rate- the geo-location of the mining operation in the industrial heartland of Netherlands provide for inexpensive electricity rate of € 0.065
  • Low pool fees- Miniera also prides on having a low-cost mining pool for the users looking to make maximum output and profits from the mining rigs
  • Referral system- as an additional earning option, registered users can get a referral link to invite other subscribers to the Miniera Mining platform.

Miniera MMC Token ICO Details

Miniera will enlist 125 million MMC token for distribution with a starter set for May 1st, 2018. The initial phase will comprise of the Investment ICO with 40% supply of the tokens up for grabs at e1.50 each. The Whitelist will feature from June 1-30 2018 and have a 2.00 price tag for the tokens. July will feature the Crowd sale ICO featuring 20% of the supply at €2.50 price rate for a token piece. The last round (Post ICO) will make up 10% of the distribution at €3.00 per token as from August 1-31 2018.

Token Information

  • Ticker- MMC
  • Accepts- BTC, DASH, Dogecoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Neblio, Paypal, Monero, LTC, Bitcoin Cash, Bitstamp and bank transfers or drops
  • Minimum investment- € 100 (EUR)
  • Sale restrictions- USA, China, South Korea and North Korea

Token Allocation

  • 80%- Contributing participants in Miniera
  • 8%-Management team
  • 10%-research and technical development
  • 2%-Bounty and reward programs

Miniera Conclusion

The mining ICOs scene has a diverse portfolio with plenty of ventures. While there are different option to choose from, Miniera seems like a legitimate mining venture committed to genuinely bringing together resources to provide users with the opportunity. However, those with interest on the enterprise would have to wait till December for the official start of the mining operation on the Miniera 1 Mining Rig.

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