Mining Express

If you are interested in mining cryptocurrency without the need to purchase expensive equipment, then cloud mining options are among the best option for you. With cloud mining, you get to buy hash power which allows the mining platform to rent the equipment through service fees and pay you a profit. Here's one such platform to let you mine cryptocurrency yourself.

What Is Mining Express?

Mining Express is a cloud mining platform that lets the user choose considerable rates at which they can mine altcoins in the cloud and generate them periodically. The investment aims to give individuals and businesses an alternative to owning equipment needed for mining cryptocurrency sand diversify their investment.

How Mining Express Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Contracts Works

Mining Express will work under the following portal that provides the foundation for its services:

  • Mining contracts- businesses get to establish altcoins mining contracts with the Mining Express platform with a daily guarantee return of 50% of the hash rate at the time of purchase. Additionally, user get the option of the following rate options:


  • $100
  • 4.5 MH/s
  • Fixed daily bonus


  • $500
  • 22 MH/s
  • Fixed daily bonus


  • $1.200
  • 50 MH/s
  • Fixed daily bonus


  • $20.000
  • 830 MH/s
  • Fixed daily bonus
  • Mining networks- get to develop your mining network and establish your very own business model.
  • Withdraw option- available portal to facilitate removal of profitable returns through the Online Back Office that credit the user's wallet.

Mining Express Benefits

Mining Express offers the following apparent bonuses to its subscribers:

  • A direct bonus for registering new contracts on the mining network
  • Binary bonuses for cycle completion on mining networks
  • Indirect bonus for direct referrals users receiving immediate bonuses
  • Each user also gets an extra bonus of $10 for each time the Mining Express system deducts the service fee from the direct indications.
  • A fixed residual bonus for each direct referral that receives the daily mining bonus.
  • Referral options to grow the number of users and reward users each time their direct referrals receives binary bonuses

Mining Express Possible Risks

As with most crypto mining services, there always lies the underlying issues of turning into scams and Mining Express is no stranger to this situations. Here are the possible signs it could be a scam:

  • Unverifiable cloud mining operations
  • Owner remains anonymous
  • Lack of proof of possession of the mining hardware
  • Too many bonus options with no meaning at all
  • The mining operations are not insured
  • No mention of the data centers

Mining Express Conclusion

With the growing hunger for cryptocurrency within the business world, cloud mining operations become fast accessible, and this is quickly changing into a scam playground. Unfortunately, Mining Express is one such example judging from the claims of substantial daily payouts for their mining contracts. However, the ultimate decision lies with the investors, but it remains highly advisable to stay extremely cautious before taking the step to purchase apparent hash power from shady sites.


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