Recently, investors have become more vigilant due to the alarming rate of scamming cloud mining platforms. In response, the fraudulent HYIPS are formulating new ideas on how to entrap potential victims. They pose as genuine projects looking to advocate for the adoption of blockchain technology. A perfect example of such an institution is Mining Zones, a platform that purports to be teaching Arabs on the benefits of blockchain.

What Is Mining Zones?

Mining zones is a project that intends to spread the adoption of digital currencies among the people of the Arabic descent within the next 5 years. The project is under the stewardship of young and vibrant team of cryptocurrency experts.

According to the developers, losing sizeable chunks of their profits firm online business to banks. Mining zones promises to address these issue by leveraging blockchain technology and decentralized virtual currencies. While the process is difficult, mining zones is adequately equipped and prepared to change the fortunes, making internet business more profitable.

Mining Zones Crypto Mining Features And Plans

Making money on Mining Zones is as easy as registering and depositing some funds. The platform accepts several digital currencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and Zcash. There are three investment plans, each with a designated number of days (90, 180 and 300). Notably, these packages have a varying profit margin.

Concerning deposits, the minimum caps vary with respect to the length of the investment plan. The lowest 90-day package requires a minimum of $100, the 180-day needs $1,000 and the 300-day requires at least $10,000.

Mining Zones Conclusion

Mining Zones possesses all the distinctive features of a Ponzi. Their bait is the falsehood that they are helping Arabs to make profits by adopting technology. It is lily likely for naïve traders to fall for this sweet-talk. Furthermore, the project promises to avail profits on a regular basis, something that is unachievable in the unpredictable cryptocurrency industries. Also, the purported return margins are ludicrous and unattainable, irrespective of the nature of investment.

Putting all of the above into consideration, Mining Zones’ case is indefensible; it is a scam. Transact with them at your own risk!

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