What Is MiniPos?

The Bitcoin Cash MiniPOS server is a self-hosted POS (point of sale) hardware server that has been created in order to be used by small merchants and stores. The device is very easy to use and it can be operated via any device with a web browser.

With this device it is possible to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with 0 confirmations in a secure way. BCH users will have the chance to pay without having to wait for long times in any store working with this service and with live conversion rates in multiple local currencies.

MiniPOS Advantages

Those merchants that operate with the MiniPOS, have the ability to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments without having to use any service or registration. Additionally, there are zero on-going monthly fees and zero transaction fees for merchants to pay if they decide to accept this famous virtual currency using the MiniPOS.

Another important thing to mention is that the MiniPOS is very secure. Although it is connected to the internet, no private key is stored within the MiniPOS server. Indeed, merchants are able to receive payments in BCH without having to expose their private keys or funds to third parties. The service works in a very easy way, just by entering a public address into the MiniPOS server.

There are zero on-going costs for using the MiniPOS server. The fees are paid by the sender of the transaction. This is different than the current fiat systems that the fees must be paid by the merchant and and can be quite high in some cases.

How MiniPOS Bitcoin Cash Point of Sale Payment Device Works

Is very easy to use the MiniPOS. It is necessary to connect to the in-store ’Internet connected’ local network using a cable to the router or using WiFi.

Once the device is connected to the local network the ‘xpub address’ is input into the MiniPOS server config at the time of the initial setup. This allows the generation of multiple Bitcoin Cash addresses so as to receive and process transactions. All the addresses generated are linked to the master xpub address – which is never revealed to customers.

The transaction is input into the MiniPOS Terminal App, after it, the MiniPOS server checks the current live exchange rate and returns on screen with a QR code, a generated receive address, payment ID, and amount to pay in BCH and local currency.

After it, the customer scans the QR code with a Bitcoin Cash wallet and sends the payment to the address displayed.

Between 10 and 15 seconds later, as soon as the 0 confirmation transaction is ‘in the Bitcoin Cash mempool’ the MiniPOS Terminal displays a ‘Payment Completed’ window.

The system works very smoothly and efficiently in all the stores that want to accept Bitcoin Cash.

What Is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the most important virtual currencies in the market. Indeed, it has low fees to process transactions (it allows users to pay just a few cents to send microtransactions).

Additionally, it has faster payments than other currencies such as Bitcoin Core (BTC). A transaction using Bitcoin Cash can be confirmed in just a few minutes compared to Bitcoin, which may take up to some minutes or hours to process a simple transaction.

MiniPOS Conclusion

The MiniPOS server requires a one time hardware purchase and does not operate with fees or charges. It is not necessary to be registered, provide information or be approved to start using the system. Additionally, the MiniPOS is compatible with different fiat currencies worldwide and provides a seamless and smooth experience to customers and users.

MiniPOS offers one of the best ways to accept Bitcoin Cash to different shops around the world with 0 confirmation transactions.

The list of accepted currencies includes ARS, EUR, GBP, KRW,USD, RUB, PLN, TRY, NOK, JPY, CHF and many others.

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