MintHealth And Polymath Create The World's First Health Security Token

With the aim of putting patients in control of their own health, the community can now start to have a new token backed by assets on a blockchain platform. For this purpose, the MintHealth platform and the Polymath project decided to join forces.

Blockchain Actors In Health

MintHealth is a new decentralized health platform that is seeking to put patients in control of their own health through blockchain. For the first time now a patient can be rewarded for a good diet, exercise and adherence to medication.

With MintHealth, users have a supportive community and can set up and share their health data through social media with friends, family, doctors and insurance providers. The MintHealth platform also allows patients to share their data with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to support clinical trials.

Polymath (POLY) is a project that offers the blockchain the opportunity to open up to security offers that comply with the law. And collaborating with MintHealth, they announced this week that from a decentralized health Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), they have been able to create the first health safety token. Available for now on the Polymath broadcast platform.

Tokens Health Incentives

The MintHealth platform has created a unique dual token structure, consisting of Vidamints, digital incentives that reward patient behavior, and MintHealth Security Tokens (MHST), which will be created using Polymath's Standard Security Sheet Protocol, ST-20.

The vidamints are the fixed-price loyalty tokens and will be the instruments through which the behaviour of patients will be rewarded in order to increase the performance of entities at risk. In turn, the company in charge of issuing these coins also seeks to increase customer loyalty through its project through a loyalty tokens exchange market.

Incentive/Public Service (Vidamints) tokens with a fixed price managed through the blockchain provide the price stability and proof-of-health™ required by enterprise customers. This in order to take advantage of market movements towards security tokens as a vehicle for fundraising, and automates the functions of government through the blockchain.

MHSTs will soon be available for trading on secondary markets and will be listed for the first time on the OpenFinance Network (OFN): a tokenized securities trading platform. MHSTs will be asset-backed securities and are therefore subject to the rules of securities trading and can only be bought and sold by qualified investors.

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