Mirocana and its MIRO token promise to offer artificial intelligence for transparent investing. Find out what that means today in our review.

What Is Mirocana?

Mirocana, found online at Mirocana.com, is an artificial intelligence-based investment platform that revolves around the use of MIRO tokens.

The platform describes itself as “a complex predicting system based on deep-learning neural nets that collect, store and analyse huge volumes of financial data.”

Meanwhile, MIRO tokens are used by the system to reward people for their contribution to the network – including their knowledge and coding.

Mirocana first announced itself to the internet in September 2017. The company’s pre-sale launched on October 19, with a crowdsale taking place on November 19.

How Does Mirocana Work?

If you hold a sufficient number of MIRO tokens, then you’ll gain access to Mirocana’s three market-specific investment products. Each product uses the Mirocana predictive engine to help grow the wealth of investors. Here are the three products that will be available to investors:

Stock Market:

The Mirocana system predicts over 400 stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges. It can interact with most online brokers. This predictive stock market engine will only be available to the top 200 MIRO token holders.

Currency Market:

The system predicts 125 currency pairs. It works with a forex broker called OANDA. You give the platform access to your account, and Mirocana will manage your holdings. You’ll need 10,000 MIRO tokens to access this service.

Cryptocurrency Market:

The system predicts cryptocurrency pairs listed on Poloniex and Bittrex, then buys and sells coins on your behalf based on those predictions. You’ll need a minimum of 5,000 MIRO tokens to access this investment product.

No matter which investment product you purchase, you’ll gain access to Mirocana’s trading strategies, based on their artificial intelligence predictions. Those trading strategies include two broad types of strategies:

The first type of strategy isn’t tied to a specific financial instrument or timeframe; these types of strategies are applied to every instrument and time-frame, allowing the platform to “connect to a broker or an exchange and start to generate predictions rather quickly”

The second type of strategy is tied to an instrument and a time-frame, “however, it is more complex and provides increased accuracy of predictions”

This is how the whitepaper describes the Mirocana trading strategies. As you can tell, these strategies are vaguely worded and don’t provide any detailed information about how the strategies work.

The whitepaper also has awkward sentences like the following:

“Moreover, we have developed a framework, which helps us to create new strategies, that are based on graphical chart patterns, much faster.”

The whitepaper later explains that,

“We possess an ever-growing number of strategies. The more strategies in the knowledge of the system – the more accurate predictions it produces.”

Ultimately, the whitepaper is filled with trading buzzwords that tell us little about the platform or how it works – but make big promises about the effectiveness of the platform. However, we believe these sentences are more related to awkward translation problems as opposed to any attempt to deceive investors (the development team is based in Russia).

Mirocana Products

In addition to the three investment products listed above, Mirocana will have three separate products and platforms available, including:

Mirocana Alpha:

A web interface for accessing Mirocana investment products.

Mirocana Sigma:

A web interface where data scientists or investment advisors can create and validate their own prediction models. The company plans to hold tournaments and reward the top performers.

Microcana Target:

This is an Android or iOS app, as well as a web interface, where anybody can make predictions for future price movements then get rewarded with MIRO tokens according to the accuracy of their prediction.

The Mirocana Token Sale

The Mirocana platform revolves around the use of MIRO tokens.

The MIRO token pre-sale is scheduled to begin on October 19. A general crowdsale will take place from November 19 to December 19.

During the token sale, 1 MIRO will be set at a price of 0.001 ETH. There will be a total supply of 200,000,000 MIRO tokens.

65% of the total supply (130 million MIRO tokens) will be sold during the crowdsale. The token is an ERC20-compliant token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The token will be available on major exchanges within a month of the conclusion of the token sale.

Of the total remaining supply, 24.75% will be held by the company to make payouts to its crowdsourced learning platforms, including Alpha, Sigma, and Target. 10% will be held by the company to make payments to miners (after the Mirocana Miner platform is released), and 0.25% is reserved for bounties.

Who’s Behind Mirocana?

Mirocana is being developed by Mirocana Research Group, described as a “community of more than 70 experienced data scientists, mathematicians, and quantitative analysts, who have interest in Mirocana development.”

Key members of the team include George Petrov (Founder and CEO), Evgeniy Ulyanov (Head of Operations), Daria Patanina (Head of Marketing), and Vasily Boychuk (Head of Data Science).

Mirocana is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Mirocana Conclusion

Mirocana is a predictions marketplace and investment platform built on artificial intelligence and crowd-based investment information. The platform promises to help investors make money by using the best trading strategies.

Ultimately, the Mirocana whitepaper and website feature some awkward wording and unusual sentences. However, this may be related to translation as opposed to an attempt to deceive investors. As far as we can tell, Mirocana is a legitimate company preparing to launch a self-learning artificial intelligence platform.

To participate in the Mirocana token sale, visit the official website online today at Mirocana.com.

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  1. What about their goals? Do they look in range and achievable in such short given timeframe?
    I see it as fantastic project, and big… so big that it seems to not fit in the calendar.
    So I, at this moment, believe that (if they do not fail with the project overall) they will fail on target dates.
    And, of course, supposing this is not just scam – I think it is not, but anyway cannot find good evidences neither.

  2. I bought around 5000 tokens with LTC and ETH but yet to see the tokens in my account. They only help channel in Telegram seems to be a broadcast only channel. Hope I haven’t just been scammed!!!


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