Only 2.5% of the Earth is covered in drinkable and usable water. About two-thirds of the water is locked up in the Arctic and cannot be accessed. The biggest concern by 2030 is that the crisis of water shortage will hit the world. It is evident that one of the most lucrative and creative businesses is the production of drinking water and pay attention to improving the environment.

The Problem Mit-Ra Seeks To Solve

According to the current statistics, countries like Mexico, South Africa, Egypt, India, Iran, the Emirates, and Brazil will be the first nations to be hit by the water crisis. Right now, 1.8 billion are in dire need of drinking water in these nations. All of these 7 nations have access to the sea. It is quite clear that by 2030, one of the most profitable businesses is going to be water.

What Is Mit-Ra?

Mit-Ra Knowledge Base Industries is a creative project that is the first to be launched by United Health Group in the area of converting non-drinkable water to fresh water. The research team and the environment and economic analysis of the considered nations have started to work under the watchful eye of the Georgia University of America. The research started in 2015.

To ensure that they prevent global warming, this project will not utilize any fossil fuels. They want to launch a freshwater refinement and sales site in over 7000 cities globally that have problems of water scarcity.

The Mit-Ra Blockchain Water Crisis Ai-Mit Health Project Solution

The quantity and quality of water soluble in every part of the planet varies. This project utilizes the blockchain to process and analyze the water type and analyze the percentage of substance and minerals needed to be added to each water type.

Thus, they will be able to produce water in the world with high levels of consistency and quality. These solubles in the water will be detected using AI based on the SQR-AI02 and this data will be analyzed on the blockchain.

Ai-Mit will be exclusive and unique software that is developed by the technical team at the University of Georgia. It will help to analyze and evaluate the quality of the treated water at all Mitra sites. AI-Mit runs on a Linux Kernel.

Mit-Ra MTA Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Start of Crowdsale: August 1, 2018
  • Token Ticker: MTA
  • Token Price: 1 MTA = 0.1 USD
  • Project Standard: ERC20
  • Soft cap: $10 million
  • Hard cap: $24 million

According to the corporate finance policy for this project, 10% of annual profits will be shared between investors who invest in the ICO stage. The board of directors approved the rule. At the end of every year, shareholders will participate in company profits by proofing their partnership for every 10,000 tokens. Each of the 10,000 tokens will present a share. That means the 280 million tokens represent 28,000 shares.

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