Mithril Ore

What Is Mithril Ore?

This currency is going to be the very first digital token backed by the security of the ethereum blockchain and backed by ethereum in a cold wallet. Along with its ethereum-backing, Mithril Ore Tokens will be infrequent, and thus scarce. Fundamental principles of economics are based on those of demand and supply. The team believes that the ethereum backing provides Mithril Ore tokens a baseline intrinsic value, and that Mithril Ore Tokens will be more valuable due to their scarcity and the various uses for them.

The current electronic token market was super-saturated with coins that have billions and billions of tokens. Mithril Ore Corporation presents multiple novel concepts to the market. Creating tokens that are rare, hard to obtain, and should be an important addition to the Digital Token Market. The founders of Mithril Ore have reported that one of the significant driving forces of Bitcoin's cost has been the simple fact that only 22 million Bitcoin will actually exist.

With Mithril, Tokens and items will be limited in distribution, and no future items, ore, or tokens will be generated after the initial purchase. Contrary to bitcoin, nevertheless – they'll have different crowd-sourced jobs driving Mithril Ore Token's cost.

Mithril Ore Token Presale

They will be offering a token presale to white-listed members of the community. There will be a reduction for early donations to the token sale.

Many Of all the specifics of the token sale and the selling of Mithril Ore tokens and Items can be seen in the white paper.

Capser Mithril Ore

The in this upgrade, Ethereum plans on going green. This means that the process of mining – that utilizes real-world tools like energy and power for mining – that is becoming a more centralized, and possibly a wasteful process that is the antithesis of this decentralized community it boosts – will be substituted with staking.

Many talks have discussed that just those with 1,000 ether may bet – thus, pooling of ether would have to happen for the ‘little man' to take part in staking. With mithril ore token – the stored ether is pre-pooled and will be staked and 100 percent of returns will return into storage into the tokenholders for much more staking.


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