What Is MJCoin?

This is a new cryptocurrency that is destined to change the market forever apparently. There is a white paper that can be downloaded on the website and another link to contribute to the cause if that’s your thing. MJ Coin is a legal way for people to pay for cannabis products online without a debit card.

How MJCoin Marijuana Market Payment Blockchain Token Works

The coin is a service driven block chain coin. And it’s being used to help the cannabis industry track all their order. It also has been used for processing shipping and other aspects as well. There is a proprietary token that operates as a reward for blockchain miners. It can also be used as an active currency on the marketplace to help with business needs. It is said to be safe, private and reliable.

The platform is decentralized and works as a safeguard against hackers and fraud. It also protects users against censorship as well as inflation apparently. Lastly it will help improve privacy for the user as well. MJCoin is run and managed by the platform, not any other outside influence or authority.

The platform is private as well. They understand the risks that come with cryptocurrency and want to ensure users they’ll be safe using the coin. The assure that they have a higher degree of privacy then other currencies on the market.

The system has key elements that speed up processing time. It’s one of the areas of interest that the platform is really pushing for.

Not only is it said to be safe, but it’s also said to be completely safe for people who are using it. MJCoin uses the biggest enhance the process.

MJCoin MJC ICO Details

The ICO hasn’t been released yet. The company is still in early stages of development. But hopefully soon they’ll release some information on how to invest with the company. It’s actually a good sign they aren’t blindly accepting money from naïve investors, instead waiting till the system comes together. Patience and time goes a long way when it comes to business.

Who Is Behind MJCoin?

There is a big team behind the company. Unfortunately, all it gives is names and pictures. There are no descriptions of what they did before MJCoin. And none of them have links to any social media platforms. This is a little suspicious, but since they’re not asking for money yet – they may just be behind on web design. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and wait to see what they release for information.

MJCoin Conclusion

If you’re into cannabis, keep an eye out on MJCoin. They may end up taking off in the future. It’s a new company though and still early in development. Hopefully they will release more information about the team and who is on it. Otherwise I’ll likely never invest into them and would others to follow that same lead. Transparency goes a long way in cryptocurrency startups.

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