Mlg Blockchain

MLG Blockchain is basically a blockchain consulting and development firm based in Toronto, but operating across Asia, Europe and North America. The main focus of this company is building an application that utilizes smart contract and blockchain technologies, allowing users to enjoy the potential opportunities they have to offer.

With a team of experienced developers, industry experts and advisors, as well as ample experience working with a number of blockchain fabrics, including Eris, Factom, Ripple, Hyperledger, Ethereum and Bitcoin, MLG Blockchain believes that it has what it takes to offer focused and targeted services.

MLG Blockchain Services

Generally, the main aim of MLG Blockchain is to offer expert blockchain development and consulting services. The team can provide an effective approach to an ICO, walking with the client from website to explainer videos to whitepaper to funding for a fully integrated marketing campaign. Here’s a breakdown of the specifics of its services:

Token Development

  • Contract deployment
  • Security audit
  • Crowdsale contract
  • Token contract

Token Marketing

  • Community management
  • Public relations
  • Digital marketing
  • Bounty Campaign

Token Distribution

  • Legal/accounting
  • Regional representation
  • Enterprise partnership
  • Exchange listings

Blockchain Consulting

  • Strategic planning
  • Blockchain architecture
  • Developer training
  • Executive training

Blockchain Development

  • Admin analytics
  • Wallet/explorer
  • Smart contract development
  • Integration with Blockchain

Blockchain Capital

  • Capital management
  • ITO liquidation
  • Angel investment
  • SAFT investment

Blockchain Research Information

For those who are looking to learn a thing or two about Blockchain, top cryptocurrencies and ICOs, MLGM Blockchain also offers a section with lots of informative information. You can easily access bitcoin tutorials, Ethereum tutorials, Hyperledger tutorials, ICO tutorials, token profiles, altcoin analysis, blockchain use cases, and whitepaper reviews.

MLG Blockchain Ambassador Program

MLG Blockchain has built an Ambassador Program that’s aimed at helping people grow their opportunities and promote upcoming ICOs. So, how does it work? Well, being an ICO Ambassador of MLG Blockchain, you are given the opportunity to do as much or as little work as you want, and in turn earn points that you can easily exchange for tokens of those particular ICOs you are promoting.

This role includes promoting various ICOs through writing articles on a number of topics, engaging people on forums and social media, and organizing training and educational meetups in your region.

Future Of MLG Blockchain

With the huge experience of developing blockchain platforms and offering consultancy on the subject, MLG is, indeed, leading a major disruption of various industries by bringing them closer to the rapidly growing technology. Currently, the company has worked with a number of firms across the globe, including MCGill Alumni, BTC, TD, LATOKEN, BITCOIN MAGAZINE, MicroJassa Consulting Ontario Securities Commission and yBicoin among many others.

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