MoBee MBE ICO Review

Technology has made the world a smaller place, and outsourcing is the current preference among most professionals. Outsourcing is primarily made possible by telecommunications, and the telecommunications networks outsourcing market is estimated to be worth about $60 billion.

MoBee is one of the latest cryptocurrencies that are trying to tap into this massive market. It is designed to be a cryptocurrency that will create and support an international mobile virtual operator.

Deconstructing MoBee MBE

The MoBee MBE token is made up of three pillars: money, megabytes, and minutes. It is designed to cater for all sorts of operations, and developers hope that it will become the main means of internal payments. It can be converted to and traded with, other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currency.

The MBE token is supported by a wide range of mobile communications resources. The whole MoBee concept is composed of three components:

MoBee Ecosystem Virtual Operator

The MoBee Virtual Operator serves all the factors associated with telecommunications network outsourcing. It incorporates factors such as traffic, clients, and a workforce of professional freelancers willing to handle the outsourced tasks.

NetWorx Platform

The NetWorx platform is designed to generate voice and internet traffic for the ecosystem’s virtual operators. The platform incorporates professional freelancers in all fields of the telecommunications outsourcing market. It is a highly sophisticated platform that makes it easy for all users to match their requirements to relevant professionals and manage all their tasks with ease.

The best thing about the NetWorx platform is that it provides all services in exchange for traffic, unlike most other platforms that charge money for equivalent services.

DiStream MoneyBox

The DiStream MoneyBox is all about managing your funds as well as certain features of your projects. It is designed to erase the boundaries between you and your bank accounts. The DiStream MoneyBox platform gives users better opportunities compared to those using mobile subscriptions. Some of the features offered include adjusting the price plans of your services as well as managing services packages.

This platform also allows you to make money on the side by managing and multiplying your MBE tokens. Some of the opportunities for making money include taking advantage of MBE bonuses, taking out overdrafts, and exchanging your MBE tokens for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currency.

The DiStream MoneyBox platform has been growing at a fast pace since its inception. This growth has inspired its expansion to other markets and industries including tourism, logistics, retail, wholesale, and hotel and catering, among others. This means that the MBC token will also appreciate in value and perhaps become as big as BTC and ETH.

The Future of MoBee MBE

MoBee is open for cooperation with all players in the industry, and anyone can join and take advantage of the numerous opportunities ahead. Currently, experts estimate that 150-200 mobile operators will want to work with MoBee. In total, this should account for 25-30% of the potential market – it also translates to revenues ranging about $9 billion every year.

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