What Is Mobile Smart Coin?

Mobile Smart Coin is a new SmartX blockchain platform that gives everybody the ability to get involved with mining through smartphones apparently. Also, they want to make it easy for people to connect with businesses in a much easier way. There is a whitepaper listing on the website and you can join the pre-sale of the ICO right now.

How MosBC SmartX Crypto Mining Blockchain Works

The purpose of the company is to expand business ventures and allow people to add blockchain technology to their mobile device. It’s supposedly setup through the SmartX blockchain platform, a highly specialized blockchain technology platform that is designed to primarily function with mobile devices and blockchain networks. It is the first application that promises to introduce this concept to the mobile based devices that will be operating on the blockchain.

They also will be supposedly operating on a decentralized blockchain. MOS is at the center point of a virtual network that is promised to share the flow and inspiration of the new virtual age while at the same time supporting their vision for the future. It will be accomplished by connecting valuable business enterprises on locations most used by technology and people for the purpose of communication.

In MOS, anyone will be able to create a new blockchain business that is promised to be focused in a safe and secure environment. The value chain that MOS is creating will be seen as a prime example of what is possible for the cryptocurrency market.

They claim that at just the touch of a button it’s all over. And that mining MOS coin will be possible from any place with the use of a GUI that operates on a smart phone. They also plan on the MOS coin being used as a payment option in more than 125 countries.

MOS promised to be service oriented and uses their specialized SmartX blockchain technology. With the decentralized blockchain technology, the world is going through a major financial change. A lot of the companies will only focus on decentralization technology, they claim that there innovative blockchain technology called SmartX, will enable anyone to mine from mobile devices while connecting more people and businesses as well.

They claim they will teach people about smart mining and it will save energy as well. The MOS platform is an opportunity for communities around the world to start mining. They will offer a mining ecosystem that can operate on smart phones and will give access to people on a worldwide scale. It will help to eliminate the energy problem that occurs with mining apparently.

MOS will also use a new mobile platform that will enable people to mine cryptocurrency from anywhere. They call it smart mining, and it can be done at anytime from anywhere while keeping the core of the blockchain functioning properly.

Mobile Smart Coin MOS ICO Details

The ICO is said to take off in a little less than 12 days.

  • 80% of MOS coins will be used for smart mining for anyone who is on the platform
  • 7% of the token will be used for the management and maintenance of the network
  • 13% of the tokens will be distributed throughout the ICO and its pre-sales

Who Is Behind Mobile Smart Coin?

There is a big team on the company website. Unfortunately, only one of them has a LinkedIn Profile and the profile doesn’t even have any followers or friends on it. This is a big red flag – hopefully they will disclose more information in the future. There is also no inclination if the company is truly based out of Singapore as it’s only seen in their FAQ. As far as now – we have no idea whatsoever if they are even a real company. There isn’t even a contact email or GitHub link anywhere on the website.

Mobile Smart Coin Conclusion

At this time, I cannot advise you to invest with MOS. Until there is more detailed personal information. I would stay clear of the company. Also, a successful mobile mining operation is unreal as far as I have seen. I would definitely sit back and do more research on this company before investing a bunch of money with them at this time.

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