About Mobilink Coin (MOBL Token)

Mobilink Coin is a decentralized online mobile telecom site that powered by blockchain technology. According to the developers, the Mobilink-Coin investors on the platform stand to be part of a fast-growing global mobile carriers of up to 250 million users in two years. The focus is to reach over 600 million users in four years and coverage in over 170 countries.

How does Mobilink Coin work?

Through the platform, Mobilink Coin users will gain access to unlimited data and voice services across the participating countries, with an estimate around 170 nations. However, unlike other similar platforms that require users to pay transaction fees, users on the Mobilink Coin platform will conduct all this free of charge as all the costs will be taken care of as part of advertiser network charges.

Additionally, if the claims by the developers turn out to be true, then users stand to gain more with the company pay on their various mobile plans. Through this, users don't have to pay phone bills to earn, it comes automatically once you sign into the network.

Furthermore, the possible earnings of every member depend on their monthly usage calculations. Therefore, in this case, the more you use your phone, the more cash you stand to earn. However, this would be after the Mobilink Coin public ICO pre-sale and general ICO, where they expect to collect a total of $9 Billion. Afterward, the total supply will involve distribution among stakeholders in the form of; 5% bounties, 10% contributors and advisors, 22%Mobilink team and founders, 28.9% Market Development and 34.4% token sale.

What do I stand to gain from Mobilink?

With the use of Mobilink, users can make use of their Mobilink-Simcards with all unlocked smartphones of their choice. Through this, there is no restriction on which phone to purchase. Also, advertisers make use of Mobilink to pay for their ads. All advertisements that show on the users' smartphones gain a profit which is then undergoing distribution to various Simcard holders.

Additionally, once you gain enough Mobilink Coins, you get to exchange them for your favorite Cryptocurrency, which includes Bitcoins, Ethereum, and over fifty others. Since you get the privilege for direct transactions, you get to save on unnecessary transaction costs. And as if that's not enough, users get to enjoy Mobilink Prepaid cards worldwide. The Mobilink wallet also makes transactions less hectic as it accepts more than fifty cryptocurrencies.

Why shouldn't I join?

Although the information on the Mobilink website seems enticing at a glance, on digesting it, it becomes like a good sales pitch. However, in actual sense, the ICO is quite mean on providing substantial information that could help individuals come up with credible assessments and analysis. But instead, they keep feeding in details of future projections with success in profit margins and better marketplace gains.

The lack of a clear backup plan in case things don't work out is worrying. Thus it would be advisable if you invest with caution.  Something is also not right with the urgency of rush and raising large sums of gains over a short time.

Mobilink Coin (MOBL Token) Verdict

Mobilink works to offer an improvement in the future telecommunications network, with a blockchain power. Through the system, users gain from free phone bills based on their usage habits and interaction with advertising agencies. However, some loopholes make the ICO look like a scam.

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