Mobilum Crypto Payment Processor Partners With EthicHub Crowdlending Platform

One of the top advantages of cryptocurrency as a payment system is its universality and lack of regulation – it is not dependent on any government or central bank. However as a virtual cash system, cryptocurrencies have no physical form and as such, it's global acceptability as a legal means of payment was somewhat stagnated. The introduction of crypto-payment processing systems helped to push the cryptocurrency agenda forward. One of such systems is Mobilum.

What Is Mobilum?

Mobilum is a cryptocurrency enabled payment processing platform which allows for cryptocurrency payments in real time at points of sale via an already existing debit or credit cards of the customer and the issuer of the Mobilum token. Mobilum recently announced its partnership with EthicHub, an affiliation that is expected to bolster a mutual sharing of investment opportunities for users on both platforms.

What Is EthicHub?

The new partner, EthicHub, is a global networking platform created to connect potential investors to socially beneficial projects or businesses in need of funding. EthicHub's crowd lending projects have provided financial solutions for small projects especially those involving farmers in less economically disadvantaged parts of the world, an accomplishment for which it was awarded the Best financial inclusion project at LaBitConf in Bogota as well as the award of the “Start-up with the Greatest social impact” at Unconference Fintech Awards in Madrid, Spain.

Mobilum And EthicHub Partnership Benefits

While EthicHub ensures that financially repressed projects are getting the funding they require, Mobilum will use its platform to provide an all inclusive payment system for both cryptocurrency and fiat currency to provide its users with services for use in everyday financial services and cash transactions.

The partnership of these two platforms will have mutual benefits for users on either platforms. For Mobilum, according to the CEO and founder Wojtek Kaszycki, the partnership will offer their users with, “truly unique investment opportunities” they can contribute towards. In the same vein of mutual benefits, Founder and CEO of EthicHub, Jori Armbruster believes the partnership is bound to enhance and simplify the user experience with fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

Mobilum will use a native cryptocurrency, an ERC-20 standard token of the Ethereum network- the Mobilum token to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions on its platform. The platform, via the Mobilum app will feature EthicHub investment opportunities allowing users to view the status, progress level and impact of the listed projects. EthicHub on the other hand will integrate the Mobilum wallet on its network such that EthicHub users can manage their assets – both crypto and fiat currencies.

For farmers in remote and rural areas of third world countries where a greater percentage of the population is unbanked, Mobilum's integration in EthicHub will give these farmers access to certain banking services like the Mobilum powered debit card which will enable them receive and repay loans easily, without the burden of high interest rates.

Mobilum Partners With EthicHub Conclusion

This new venture between Mobilum and EthicHub will offer solutions that will ultimately help to impact and better the lives of the people on the other end of the line who are in need of the financial help. It will not just ensure they are getting it, they will get it in real time to help them meet their immediate and essential needs without much ado.

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