There are now many different blockchain networks in operation today, powered by just as many different consensus methods. These blockchain systems are currently destabilizing and revolutionizing a wide range of different industries, decentralizing a broad spectrum of different processes.

While these disparate blockchain networks are furthering the development of the blockchain as a whole, there is a real need for a method of communication between them and the devices on which they operate. The internet itself is currently disconnected from the blockchain, with both operating separately of each other.

An innovative new platform aims to change this by closing the gap between the worlds of the internet and the blockchain. By using simple and innovative protocols, the Mobius network will introduce new standards that allow for cross-platform governance, payments, logins, and oracles.

By connecting every developer, data stream, and device to the blockchain, Mobius plans to revolutionize and interconnect the entire blockchain ecosystem. In order to achieve this, Mobius plans to launch an ICO that allows fast-moving investors to contribute to the development and growth of this ambitious project.

In this article, we’ll assess the Mobius ICO and find out what it entails to help you make an informed decision on whether it’s worth investing in.

What Is Mobius?

Mobius is planning on connecting virtually every device, data stream, and app to the blockchain ecosystem. The Mobius platform consists of a simple, elegant, and bidirectional API that facilitates communication between non-blockchain developers and blockchain-based sources such as smart contracts and more.

The Mobius MVP platform will function in a similar manner to Stripe on the blockchain, and will introduce a variety of innovative and dynamic standards that facilitate cross-blockchain login, payment, and smart contract management.

Driven by a unique universal proof of stake consensus protocol, Mobius is set to catalyze the creation of smart markets that open the door for decentralized machine economy commerce in which machine to machine micropayments trade both currency and real world data.

In addition to a wholly unique protocol, the Mobius platform also features a decentralized app store that offers a range of live developer apps. By eliminating the walled garden, high commission fees, and limiting curation put in place by Google Play and the iOS App Store, Mobius aims to empower developers by decentralizing the $6.3 trillion app economy.

How Mobius Works

The Mobius network offers a universal protocol that works across all blockchains, creating a single standard that can be used by all developers. This allows developers to create and implement advanced decentralized blockchain features.

Mobius also manages security by requiring SSL and AES-256 bit encryption throughout the entire Mobius network, as well as integrating cold storage multi-signature wallets.

The Mobius ICO

The Mobius network will operate on the MOBI token, which will be available during the Mobius token sale. Limited to 888,000,000 tokens, the total token supply will be broken down into 5% for a pre-sale, 30% for the totality of the initial token sale, 32.5% reserved for the Mobius community in order to foster growth, and 32.5% for the Mobius company for both growth and R&D.

MOBI tokens will be able to be purchased with BTC, XLM, or ETH. The Mobius ICO will launch in the first half of November 2017.

Mobius Conclusion

The Mobius network is set to revolutionize the way disparate blockchain based systems communicate with each other and the internet at large. Driven by an experienced management team and world-class developers, the Mobius solution is an ICO that’s worth watching. If you’re interested in staying updated on the development of the Mobius network it’s possible to sign up for email updates via the platform website.

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