MoCo Blockchain AI Virtual Reality Video Platform Launches Token ICO

VR Entertainment World Ltd Releases MoCo, The First Combined Blockchain, AI, VR, and Video and Data Compression Platform

VR Entertainment World Ltd has announced the release of its MoCo platform that combines artificial intelligence, tokenized marketplaces and payments, and state-of-the-art video compression.

The new technology is the world's first 3D/AR/VR/MR platform that is capable of decreasing 4K 360-degree video to a tenth of the size of competing formats.

MoCo will allow any virtual or augmented reality project to launch on the platform, but mass human communication is at the heart of what the company is developing right now, said MoCo’s Head Technical Advisor Yokouchi Naoto.

Demonstrations of the industry-changing video compression technology from MoCo are being shown at the Japan Blockchain Conference 2018 from June 26th-27th, and will also be available at the Blockchain World Conference from July 11th-13th.

Demos of their AI-enabled motion capture, and motion capture to digital avatar technology — which brings your “digital you” to life — will also be at these events. Attendees and journalists will get the opportunity to interact with the virtual future right now.

Why MoCo is a Game Changer

While many companies are individually working with AI, VR, blockchain and video compression, MoCo is bringing all of them together to allow for a 3D virtual world that mirrors communication in the real world.

MoCo say with just your smartphone camera, you will be able to make a 3D virtual avatar that exists on the MoCo Platform, with AI translating and emulating your real-life gestures into the avatar.

MoCo Creates the Next Leap in the Way Users Communicate

To enable the virtual world, the MoCo Platform allows for real-time 4K 360 degree VR content thanks to their proprietary next generation AI-powered data compression.

MoCo can take a 1.7 GB 4K 360 degree video file and compress it to 24 MB with negligible to no difference in image quality. When utilized for real-time Live 4K 360 degree content — which averages at 56 MB per second while streaming — MoCo's AI can compress the stream to only 5 MB per second.

MoCo Announces Token Pre-sale

The MoCo team is also announcing its token pre-sale which begins on June 20th.

The MoCo Token allowing for token-based tipping, subscriptions, paid chats, and other payment scenarios including marketplaces within the MoCo VR ecosystem. To store your MoCo Tokens, the encrypted MoCo Wallet will be your own personal bank in the virtual realm of the MoCo Platform.

The total number of tokens generated is approximately 8 billion, available via crowdfunding pre-sale. The public pre-sale of the MoCo Token starts June 20th and ends July 19th.

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