Modern Finance Chain, a public blockchain that focuses on strengthening the position of cryptocurrencies in the future, has recently announced the launch of its app, MF Chain Payment Solution MVP. Its motive is to help enforce cryptocurrencies in real-life setting, while placing emphasis on consumers’ wants and needs.

Modern Finance Chain, a Caribbean-based project, stemmed from the idea that a gap between consumers and merchants need filling. In particular, they are working towards eliminating merchant fees, while ensuring that both merchants and users are equally rewarded.

Furthermore, the motivation is to build a society in which cryptos are accepted as a mean of payment for goods and services. The team strongly believes that the MF Chain Payment Solution MVP can pave that path.

According to the claims made, the app has been designed in the simplest of forms, which can help to maximize one’s ease of use. Upon creating and verifying an account, it is believed that merchants will instantly be able to process payments, while earning a 1% crypto back. The payment solution is also said to incorporate crypto wallets through API. This feature might be attractive to many, as it depicts increased control on the merchants’ side.

In terms of processing payments, the app supposedly converts the designated cash amount into an equivalent crypto amount. Users must simply select the crypto they wish to hold, scan the QR code that pops up and the payment process is complete.

As for the potential benefits of the MF Chain Payment Solution MVP, both the merchant and the consumer’s transactions will be protected because of the integrated APIs. Most importantly, if one chooses to transfer money into their respective bank accounts, the suggested wait time of three to five business days is no longer applicable, as everything will be done instantly.

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