Recently, Modex, the world’s pioneering blockchain-based App Store officially inaugurated the Modex Marketplace. The platform, based on smart contracts, will allow users to easily and seamlessly access digital currencies. Here, developers will have the opportunity to market their products and offer smart contract solutions to their clients.

The Modex Marketplace is a one-stop smart contract solution where real-world applications can access audited and secure smart contracts. Undoubtedly, smart contracts are the way to go, especially now that borderless transactions powered by blockchain technology are becoming a popular trend.

Modex is ran by a teamed of seasoned professionals assisted by enthusiastic startup entrepreneurs. The experts have rich experience in developing financial software, having worked for corporate giants such as Google, Oracle, Deutsche Bank and so on. Due to the project’s impressive performance, Google recently chose the Modex platform as its preferred case study regarding ICOs and Blockchain technology.

The MODEX Token

This is an ERC20 compliant utility token established through the token sale by Modex LTD. Peculiarly, the token only comes into existence after investors buy it in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum or fiat cash. Hence, tokens that are not purchased will not be created. In addition to being convertible to popular digital and fiat currencies, the MODEX token can be exchanged in its own exchange, known as the Modexchange.

The MODEX token is applicable to two categories of clients; the developers and the businesses.

For Developers

The MODEX token is designed for developers, by developers. Thus, the utility acknowledges and duly rewards the diligence and commitment of the developers in creating smart contracts which are sold on the Modex Marketplace.

The token will connect developers to the real world, helping business as well as individuals to find smart solutions to their issues. By developing fast, secure and efficient smart contracts, developers will actively contribute in the overall growth of the community.

How it works

  1. The developer publishes the smart contact source code on the marketplace, along with its price, licensing and testing parameters.
  2. The smart contract undergoes a through security audit as well as performance review.
  3. The smart contract is made available for potential customers.

For Businesses

The Modex Marketplace will offer the perfect solution for companies that need smart contracts. Furthermore, users will be granted an opportunity to test and customize the already audited and reviewed software before purchasing. Hence, this platform significantly reduces the risk, costs and hassle that firms often encounter while searching for smart contract solutions.

How it works

  1. Search for the ideal smart contact, depending on hour desired end product.
  2. Test and compare the viable options before settling on the best product.
  3. Purchase and implement the chosen contract.

The Modex Platform

The lack of adequate tools and infrastructure is the primary reason that impedes the rapid development of smart contracts and DApps. The Modex Platform and Marketplace aims to address this challenge by providing components that will simplify the development of blockchain projects. These include:

  • Solidity plugins and tools that ease the process of coding and debugging smart contracts
  • Access to relevant open source libraries and tools
  • Implementation tools for both public and private blockchains
  • Logging and monitoring

Ultimately, the Modex Platform intends to eliminate the barriers inhibiting upcoming developers and startups from joining the blockchain development sector.

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