Modorr ICO Review

The developments in the blockchain technology come with their share of advantages. And although most individuals take technological improvements as a way of improving the formal sectors, there is no doubt that the benefits spread to other informal areas as well.

One of such industries to benefit from current innovations is the gaming sector that has been on a massive rise over the years. With a lot of fans across the globe and great investment opportunities, many individuals are seeking to have a stake in the booming industry. However, despite all the vibe, the centralized systems in place continue to pose challenges that pose threats.

Therefore, the shift to decentralized sites couldn't have come at a better time. Modorr happens to be one of such platforms with several opportunities for gaming stakeholders.

What Is Modorr?

Modorr is a digital, decentralized blockchain-enabled global gaming platform. The site works to restore the gaming sector back to its glory through the use of smart contracts to reward game developers and players.

Modorr Features

The developers of the Modorr platform promise to provide its users with the following tools to improve their gaming adventure;

  • ERC20 Modorr tokens (MDR)for secure transactions
  • Ethereum blockchain for transparency and efficiency gaming
  • Automatic conversion of tokens to fiat currencies for unconstraint supply
  • Player Wallets to store their digital assets
  • The Modorr Community where players and developers interact
  • Referral program to invite other and earn commission

How Modorr Blockchain Gaming Rewards Coin Works

Developers on the Modorr site gain access to the 2game development platform that gives them information on game development. Innovators can then create games and add to the Modorr platform for players to play and rate. However, they will have to be holders of the Modorr tokens, and the same case applies to players. Top players participate in the quick approval procedure for new games before they go live.

When players win points, they receive Modi (part of Modorr token) to their wallets. And if they lose, their Modi goes to the community pot, which will then get split among all token holders on a weekly basis. Additionally, game developers receive a percentage of the Modorr token in their wallets at the end of every game, through the Modorr Wallet. Users can also cash out their tokens into fiat currencies within the platform.

Modorr MDR Token ICO Details

Interested parties in the Modorr gaming platform would get the opportunity to participatethrough token distribution;

  • Pre-ICO-11th April 2018-28th April 2018 -$0.10 at a 20% bonus
  • ICO-28th April 2018-18th May 2018-$0.55 first phase at a 10% bonus
  • ICO-18th May-3rd June -$0.75 Second Phase at a 5% bonus

The token allocation would include 3% airdrop, 5% Bounty, 8% rewards, 14% team, 20% founders and 50% token sale allocation. The fund allocation would be 26% marketing, 45% product development, 19% legal, 15% team, 9% exchange partnerships, and 4% maintenance.

Modorr Conclusion

Just like other similar platforms, the Modorr site seems well organized with all the relevant information in place. And with the expansions and positive reception of digital, decentralized platforms in the marketplace, there is a higher possibility of success. However, just like any form of investment, you should do so with caution.

Overall, we find the site user-friendly with no ultimate loser or gainer as all players stand to receive token allocations at the end of every week. Therefore, there isn't any reason to hold you back if the idea interests you.

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