Modulus Unveils Crypto Market Surveillance & Risk Management Solution

Modulus has announced the launch of a market surveillance and risk management solution, targeting abuse within cryptocurrency markets.

According to the US-based developer of ultra-high-performance trading and surveillance technology that powers global equities, derivatives, and cryptocurrency exchanges, led by CEO Richard Gardner, the biggest risks in crypto stem from bad actors.

He adds that if the crypto-community wants to weather the coming regulatory storm, they are going to have to put resources into self-policing.

The Modulus solution combines a cutting-edge surveillance platform with a risk management system, allowing exchanges to self-monitor and react in real-time, without a slowdown.

The Modulus Market Surveillance & Risk Management Solution uses deep insights to guard against malfeasance within markets and between market participants, providing trade surveillance and pre-trade, at-trade, and on-trade risk management, along with customizable alerts and reports identifying market manipulation, abusive trading behavior, and money laundering.

“In the old days, surveillance and risk management were separate functions. But that doesn’t make sense. Why bother measuring dangerous behavior when you can’t stop it? Now, you can. Our solution employs an ultra-low 40-nanosecond latency — that’s 40 billionths of a second — and utilizes machine learning to outperform anything on the market,”

Gardner said.

“Make no mistake, regulation is coming,” Gardner professed.

“You can wait until it arrives, or you can prepare now and stay ahead of the eight ball. The Modulus solution ensures you're adhering to regulatory guidelines and the rules that govern trading conduct.”

The Modulus Market Surveillance & Risk Management Solution provides analytics which meet ESMA MiFID II and other post-trade reporting obligations. It is designed for global markets and conforms to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), US Dodd-Frank SEC regulation, and other international regulatory frameworks.

Modulus has been developing high frequency trading systems, exchanges, trade surveillance systems, and risk management systems for over twenty years. The company’s client list includes Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, TD Ameritrade, CME Group, and thousands of others.

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