Technology has improved life a great deal. For instance, shipping goods used to be a problematic process. Often, where there was conflict about the quality of goods that recipients got after shipping, it was a matter of the sender’s word against that of the buyer. There was really no way to establish the truth about either the sender’s or receiver’s statement. This was particularly difficult if the goods in question had to meet certain standards. Today, that problem is a thing of the distant past thanks to sensors.

What Is Modum? uses sensors that monitor the condition of goods throughout the shipping process. They use the powerful combination of blockchain technology and IoT sensors to make this possible. The sensors are invaluable to many people across the world who are involved with supply chain management.

Why Was Modum Needed?

The product is immensely helpful in the sense that it allows those who send and receive goods to monitor the shipping conditions of the goods. That way, should there be a dispute about the goods, it can easily be settled.

The sensors work by recording the environmental conditions during the shipping process. When goods change hands, the collected data is checked against the terms of the smart contract that uses Ethereum blockchain technology. If the conditions satisfy the terms of the smart contract, a number of actions are automatically initiated. These actions include notifications to both sender and recipient, making of payments, and release of the goods.

Modum Benefits

Corresponding App

One of the greatest benefits of using these sensors is that they come with a corresponding app. From this app, you can monitor the shipping process of your goods in real time. The app is quite easy to use. Within minutes of acquainting yourself with the app, you will know it inside and out. The app works on both Android and iOS.


You would be hard put to find sensors that are half as reliable as those provided by Keep in mind that these sensors use blockchain technology, which means that the integrity of the data collected cannot be compromised in any way. The sensors also keep track of environmental conditions throughout the shipping process. This means that at no single time will be your goods be left unmonitored. Remember also that the sensors are only subject to the smart contract, which means that no one can alter them. The sensors can also help confirm that goods correspond to internal and external regulations.

Informative Dashboard

The sensors also have a very informative dashboard. A simple look at the dashboard will inform you a lot about the condition of your goods. The dashboard has back end analytics, which is how you get all that information in one glance. Nothing spells efficiency better.

Modum Downsides

There are no real disadvantages of using the sensors. The only conceivable downside is the added cost and time required to implement them when compared to using noting at all.

Modum Conclusion

On the whole, Modum sensors are your best bet when you want to monitor goods in transit. Be sure to try them out. Their accuracy, reliability, and efficiency will certainly surpass your imagination.

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